A good combination of foods contributes to the best use of ingredients in food

  1. Enjoying a delicious meal means using the right and quality food, the right way of preparation and a good combination of foods that will be pleasing to the human body. Different types of food are digested differently and under different conditions. It is good to get more useful ingredients from food with the right combination. The consequences of ignoring this fact are a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating, heartburn.
  2. Nutritionists say that the basic nutrients that foods contain are absorbed only at the end of the digestion process when food is broken down to the last molecule. If there are no conditions for this to happen, the food stays in the intestines and problems occur.
  3. A product of animal origin and fish served with potatoes, pasta or rice or bread are not a good idea. Here, proteins and carbohydrates are combined, so digestion lasts up to 12 hours. Instead of an hour or two for carbs and 3-4 hours for protein. It is recommended to eat meat, eggs, dairy products, fish or seafood and nuts 2 hours after carbohydrate foods. Potatoes, pasta, rice or bread should be eaten 3 hours after protein.
  4. Both of these food groups combine well with starch-free vegetables (beans, peas, lentils). It is a bad combination with fats and oils. While they digest fats with eproteins, they wait and coat the intestines and prevent the secretion of gastric juices. That is why all food and nutrition experts recommend cooked meat.
  5. Combining fruits and vegetables that has become a culinary trend especially in so-called meal-salads (to which meat, seeds, nuts are added) also has rules. The fruit decomposes faster, so it is better to eat the fruit an hour before or after a meal instead of other foods. It is important to know that some fruits that we traditionally consider vegetables (tomatoes) are actually fruits. Along with aluminum and orange, tomatoes are considered a sour fruit.
  6. Experts divide all foods into acidic, basic and neutral according to their chemical composition and impact on the human body. People mostly eat by increasing the acidity of the body, which disrupts the natural state of the organism, which is basic. This adversely affects the absorption of nutrients from food, reduces the ability to detoxify and resistance to disease, and increases body weight.
  7. Foods should be combined to maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity. The advice is to have 30% of acidic foods in the diet and 70% of basic foods in the diet of each individual. Body acidity is increased by animal proteins (which are neutralized by fresh vegetables), cereals, flour, sugar, coffee, black tea, alcohol fried foods, processed cheeses, fatty spreads, all kinds of meat, fish and seafood nuts, soy and rice milk . Basic foods are figs, mango, melon, lemon, watermelon, mandarin, nectarine, onion and garlic, lentils, various vegetables (green leafy vegetables), broccoli, kale, red peppers, carrots, celery, ginger, chestnuts, carob, corn , eggplant, pumpkin, pepper, mineral water and green tea.
  8. Good combinations are those that encourage the absorption of useful nutrients. Lemon juice (due to the content of vitamin C9 buried in spinach, helps us to make better use of the iron from this vegetable.
  9. Fats are needed for better utilization of vitamins in red, orange and dark green fruits and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and broccoli). A little cheese, butter or olive oil can be added to dishes made from these foods


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