Go horseback riding often if you have this option


Time spent riding horses is very beneficial to health. The horse transmits characteristic vibrational impulses to the rider. A riding horse is a kind of massager because it warms the rider as the horse’s temperature is higher than that of a human. Hippotherapy is a treatment with horses. Today, this type of therapy is effective and popular especially for children. Treatment should be done according to specially developed programs and under the supervision of an instructor. Book therapy strengthens muscles, strengthens coordination of movements and improves spatial orientation. Horses have a beneficial effect on the psyche of children and adults. When a horse is near people it is interesting that then each person feels calmer. As a rule, the rider should learn to ride every horse in the equestrian club. Only calm horses are used in therapy for treatment with horses, unlike sports training with horses. Today, the special properties and skills of horses are often used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of complex diseases (nervous diseases, joint damage, knee damage and the like). People with various diseases (Down syndrome, brain diseases, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, autism, etc.) can feel the benefits of therapy with horses. These people on horseback do not have the limitations they normally have in real life. In addition to a pleasant experience after contact with horses, the motor and psycho-social functions of a person improve. Therapeutic riding achieves the development of potential, self-affirmation and socialization. A new humane relationship between horses and riders is gradually being built. This reflects on relationships with other people. It is important that the animals are calm and that therapy training is provided. That is why they choose carefully with the echoes in order to make the most of the quality of their movements. Therapy usually lasts 30 minutes. Other teaching aids are used (ball, hoop, toys). Therapy is performed in nature with play and fun. Results are achieved very quickly depending on the diagnosis and type of disease. Team members are therapist, assistant and horse guide. The horseman has an important role because he contributes to the best possible use of various aspects of the horse’s movement and to achieve the most favorable results.

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