Looking at candlelight helps in crisis situations

Serious inconveniences (life tragedies, divorces, job loss, illness, etc.) or severe chronic fatigue are part of our daily lives. There are people who successfully overcome unpleasant life situations and return to normal life after a while. Each person has their own methods. Some people walk for hours in parks or nature, some people watch movies for a long time or listen to pleasant music. There are simple methods that can help every person to overcome the inconveniences in life or some form of life crisis.

  1. Many people are helped by fire and water. You can take a bath and imagine how water fills you with positive energy and at the same time washes everything negative out of your soul. Sometimes a bath has an invigorating effect on a person. A person can cry in hot water, but tears in this situation significantly alleviate suffering. Crying is the perfect method of liberating the soul.
  2. You can light candles. The more lighted candles, the better. It is useful to look at the fire and smell scented candles. Pleasant scents relieve stress and bring a good mood. It is interesting that every religion uses many factors in its rituals that help a person to relax and survive the pain. These are candles, pleasant smells, quiet music, ringing sounds, washing.
  3. Women are helped by body and hair care (hairdresser, manicure, etc.) to relax and relieve pain. It helps women distract their minds from dark thoughts and make them feel safer and stronger.
  4. One of the methods is to completely change the living space or throw out excess things, clothes and objects from the home that cause negative emotions and encourage a bad mood.
  5. In the end, it is important for every person to be satisfied with themselves and ready to cope with life.

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