Malachite is a green stone that fulfills desires

Malachite is a stone that can become your amulet if you received this stone from a loved one. This stone is considered a stone of love that fulfills desires. Wishes should be formulated very precisely and carefully because malachite is considered a literal stone that understands and fulfills everything. Astro-mineralogy says that the energies of the Moon (the most powerful female planet) and Pluto (which controls the tantric internal energies) are concentrated in malachite. That is why malachite suits women and men. Malachite as a magnet attracts the attention of its owner so it can attract new love into your life.

  1. Malachite jewelry contributes to the achievement of goals and strengthens sexual energy.
  2. A woman can wear earrings, a necklace or a bracelet made of this stone. Men prefer a ring or pendant that is best worn in a trouser pocket. Malachite is especially suitable for mature women. It reveals sensuality, creates love potential and removes anxiety. It gives men more security, increases potency and helps achieve ambitions.
  3. Malachite absorbs all negativity including arrows of malice and jealousy directed at the person who possesses this stone. That is why they consider it a great amulet.
  4. Malachite jewelry should be cleaned periodically to preserve all its power. Cleaning in frozen water does not suit malachite. Cleaning in running water and drying in the sun is recommended. You can bury this stone in the ground overnight before the full moon to clean it and feed it with the power of the soil.
  5. The main property of malachite is the absorption of negative energy and polluted matter by absorbing them from the human body and atmosphere. This opens up great possibilities for the use of this stone for medicinal purposes. Some modern healers believe that this stone even protects against radiation and electromagnetic rays. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a malachite pyramid or figure on your desk next to your computer. In India, this stone has long been known. According to Ayurveda and ancient Indian texts, it is advised that this stone be held to body parts to remove plugs and open channels for the passage of bioenergy.
  6. Putting malachite on the chakra of the third eye helps to remove bitterness and anxiety. A long necklace made of malachite pearls will be a good gift for people who suffer from heart, pancreas and spleen diseases.
  7. Vision is restored by massaging the eyelids with this stone. It is healthy to drink water from a malachite pyramid that is pre-filled because that water removes toxins from the body and removes skin problems.
  8. Malachite water can solve energy problems. It is good to wet the hair root with this water to strengthen the hair and wash for health and beauty.
  9. Some sages claim that one malachite stone changes a handful of medicines. Folk healers treat people by placing slabs of this stone on painful places. Then it should be cleaned regularly.

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