Painted and decorated pumpkins in combination with fresh flowers, fruits or candles

During the autumn months, various types of pumpkins flood the stalls in the markets and shops. Small colorful pumpkins were once used to capture water from a spring instead of a glass. Today, part of the autumn and winter decorations are arranged in combinations with flowers, fruits, candles and other decorations. Pumpkins have vivid colors, unusual patterns and a variety of shapes and sizes. They are used in cooking and as decoration for entrances, hallways, terraces or gardens. Among the decorative varieties is the so-called “Turkish turban”. Pumpkins can be an interesting detail on the dresser, dining table or fireplace in the living room. Naughty and smiling faces can be cut on the skin of the pumpkin. Candles or lamps can be placed inside the pumpkin. The inside of the pumpkin should be thoroughly cleaned with a spoon to make the pumpkin last longer. The wall of the pumpkin should not be thicker than 2-3 inches.
Coloring is an easy way to decorate a pumpkin. It is best to use spray paint. Pumpkins will look nice if you spray the whole pumpkin with pink, black, gold or silver paint. Add a bit of mother-of-pearl, glass stones, twinkling stars and draw likable cheerful motifs on the pumpkin with a felt-tip pen.
Pumpkin peel dries easily, so you can prick dry branches, creepers and thus make a wreath. The pumpkin can be decorated with various buttons, brooches, rivets, pearls or pins. Thinly coat the pumpkin with glue. From the top where the stalk is located to the bottom of the pumpkin, wrap plastic beads to decorate the Christmas tree. Make sure the strings are tight. When you cover the whole pumpkin with pearls, let the glue dry completely. If you have previously carved a pumpkin, you can use it as a vase for an autumn flower arrangement.
For weddings and other important ceremonies, white patishon pumpkins are the most popular. These pumpkins are elegant and effective and do not need too many accessories. Discreetly stick tiny sequins or zircons on these pumpkins. The handle can serve as a holder for celebrations, rings and more. Various messages can be written (engraved) on the bark.

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