3 skin care regimes during the autumn months


Autumn weather conditions can upset the skin’s natural physiological balance. With proper daily care, you can protect your skin from drying out.

Morning skin care.

  1. Avoid showering or bathing in hot water. Water heated to high temperatures dries and irritates the skin. The water should be warm. When temperatures drop we often forget about the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. If you do not like water in the cold, use warm herbal tea.
  2. Use simple ingredients. After showering / bathing, use moisturizing foams / gels and lotions without perfume ingredients. It is not necessary to soap all parts of the body every day. It is enough to use soap in the armpits and intimate parts of the body (groin).
  3. Do not rub the energetic body with a towel. Let the skin remain slightly moist after showering. Drizzle the water with a towel. Residual water makes it easier to retain moisture. Then rub lotion / cream / milk into the body in all areas except the part between the toes (due to fungal infections). If your skin is dry and dandruff, use a moisturizer with lactic acid that draws moisture into the deeper layers of the skin.
  4. Apply lotion with SPF 30 or higher to protect from sunlight. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Apply lip balm based on Vaseline or shea butter with SPF 15.
  5. Take extra care of your hands using moisturizers. Be sure to use rubber gloves for doing housework and gloves made of warmer materials for staying away from home.
    Daily skin care:
  6. Frequent hand washing dries the skin. After washing your hands, it is advisable to lubricate your hands.
  7. As the whole organism needs fluid to function flawlessly, so the skin needs water for good work and appearance. Always carry a bottle of water and refill the bottle often.
  8. Dry skin itches, so it is advisable to use lotions with aloe or shea butter.
  9. Regulate blood glucose levels. Elevated glucose levels accelerate the loss of fluid from the body, which in turn dries the skin and increases the risk of irritation, rashes and infections.
    Evening skin care
  10. Buy a room humidifier and use it all year round. In winter due to adverse heating effects and in summer due to high temperatures.
  11. Hydrate your feet before bed. Dry skin is more susceptible to irritation. Lubricate your heels and feet every night before bed. Do it all year round.




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