Develop a unique and special Thanksgiving ritual

Creating a gratitude ritual is not complicated. It requires willpower and effort to become part of the daily schedule. As time goes on, the thanksgiving ritual will slowly take its rightful place.

Begin the Thanksgiving ritual in a few steps:

  1. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes Inhale and exhale several times.
  2. Think of some beautiful event that happened to you recently.
  3. Think of the person or animal you love.
  4. Imagine a situation where you feel that your relatives or colleagues respect and appreciate you.
  5. Go back to the present and think of something that currently fills you with joy.
    The word “thank you” in the Chinese tradition means much more than mere courtesy. Gratitude is the cornerstone of the philosophy that determined the direction of thinking and action of the members of ancient civilization. Today, gratitude is an inseparable part of everyday life and a powerful weapon of Chinese medicine: it is believed that negative feelings block the negative flow of life energy (chi) causing numerous diseases. Therapy therefore always begins with a kind of cleansing of the mind and the establishment of a positive attitude based on this magnificent emotion (gratitude). In recent years, gratitude has been given more importance in the West, where a special field of psychology is rapidly developing. The effects on health and quality of life have been scientifically verified. In the West, gratitude is defined as respect for what we receive (tangible or intangible) as recognition for all the good that happens to us in life. A person connects with something greater than that person, with people, with nature, with God while feeling gratitude. All this positively affects all segments of human existence.
    In this cruel world full of chase, anger, resentment and aggression, it is not easy to feel gratitude. However, we know that negative feelings poison everyday life and seriously endanger human health. Life should be directed in another direction. Today there are many workshops and courses where gratitude is taught. Thanksgiving books are becoming world bestsellers. Everything happens 3 millennia after Confucius set the golden rule of reciprocity

at the epicenter of which is precisely gratitude. There are many reasons to improve our lives in this way.
The feeling of gratitude brings many benefits

  1. Grateful people are more open, relaxed, more resistant to stress and more satisfied. Grateful people are easier to bear the daily pressure. Everything that was previously assessed with nervousness and tension as hard and complicated by grateful people seems simpler. This person’s gratitude inspires them to enjoy the little things and brings them more joy in life.
  2. Gratitude is a powerful weapon for strengthening relationships between people. People who feel grateful are more willing to forgive, are less vain, and prone to conflict. Still, these people instill respect in other people. These people build strong friendships, business and emotional relationships that have every chance to survive for a long time to the mutual satisfaction.
  3. In a study conducted a few years ago, respondents, under the guidance of two top psychologists (practitioners), focused on azhvalnost. After 10 weeks, it was found that they approached all areas of life (marriage, health status, material status) with much more optimism. Gratitude makes people happier.
  4. Discipline and focus contribute to the implementation of what is most important for our long-term well-being. Gratitude promotes self-control, which opens up numerous possibilities for suppressing a wide range of disorders characteristic of the modern age (obsessive shopping, smoking, obesity, etc.).
  5. One study at Columbia University in the United States involved 20 patients with heart failure. Respondents were given the task of recording daily situations in which they felt grateful. After 2 months, they were found to have fewer heart problems, sleep better and be in a better mood. The scientists who conducted this experiment commented on the obtained results with “Healthy mind-healthy body”.
  6. Gratitude can be practiced. People who have dealt with this topic have invented a lot of exercises that help to awaken gratitude in people. Try one of these simple exercises and the effect will not be missed.
  1. The most popular method to encourage gratitude is to keep a diary. It means writing down all the positive events you could be thankful for. Some psychologists advise that diary entries be made every day, while some psychologists say that diary entries need to be done every other day, once a week or so. This should by no means become a boring routine that leads to banality – point out some of the psychologists.
  2. The magic box – psychologists say that this simple exercise has a stunning effect on life well-being. Get a glass jar or plain cardboard box. Decorate it with glossy paper, sequins, ribbons, stickers, glitter spray. Then get a pen that you will only use when “training gratitude”. The most important part of the exercise: remember at least 3 things that happened that day and for which you feel grateful (coffee with a friend, a walk in nature, a phone call from a loved one, etc.). Write down each event on a separate piece of paper, which you then put in a “jug”. As the pitcher fills over time you will realize that there are countless reasons to feel grateful. Take one of the notes sometimes and read what you have written down. This will further refresh your emotion (gratitude).
  3. Thanksgiving walk – walking always has a therapeutic effect on people. It stimulates the production of endorphins, lowers blood pressure, stimulates circulation and reduces the impact of stress. When walking, observe the environment, trees, grass, people and listen to the sounds (birds, murmurs, children’s laughter) and inhale the smells. Be thankful that you can observe all this beauty.
  4. Gratitude Quotes- The goal of the exercise is to identify the things that will complete the sentence. The possibilities and variations are endless. Only you know what makes you grateful at that moment.
    A. I am grateful for these 3 things I hear:
    B. I am grateful for these 3 things I smell:
    C. I am grateful for these 3 things that taste good:
    D. I am grateful for these 3 animals:
    E. I am grateful to these 3 friends:
    F. I am grateful for these 3 family members:
    G. I am grateful for these 3 things in my home:.


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