5 light exercises for proper breathing

Eastern doctors claim that people from the West do not breathe but breathe. By changing our breathing, we can get rid of many health problems. Superficial breathing is characteristic of a really fast lifestyle and excessive stimulation of the senses and brain. This results in uncontrolled exhaustion of mind and body. These exercises can help you regain energy quickly or relax after a hard day. With regular performance of this exercise, it can become a pleasant and useful habit whose benefits you will quickly notice in everyday life. With these methods, you can lower blood pressure, facilitate the regulation of blood sugar and get rid of many health problems.

  1. Morning breathing for a greater influx of energy – this technique is practiced breathing called “natural breath”. All people use this exercise as babies but over time the exercise is forgotten. Distract yourself from the thoughts in your head. Focus only on breathing. With the achieved focus of attention, breathing becomes correct and stable. Then try to expand your breathing to the diaphragm. With each exhalation, imagine that you are expelling negative (unwanted) thoughts from yourself. With each breath, imagine that you are breathing new and fresh energy. Imagine a wave of fresh energy permeating you from head to toe and toes. Continue deep breathing paying attention only to breathing.
  2. Evening breathing for calming-this technique removes fatigue and tension in the body. Close your eyes, lower your shoulders and relax. Breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically. Then breathe more intensely by lowering each breath deeper into the body. Pay attention to the harmony of body rhythm and body movements. With each exhalation, imagine that you are expelling all the negative / problems you faced that day.
  3. Breathing for easy sleep-This technique is recommended before bedtime. Place your tongue behind your upper teeth. Then exhale producing the sound “shshshshs”. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose counting to four. Hold your breath until you count to seven. Then exhale, making a “shshshshs” sound through your mouth as you count to eight. Repeat three times.
  4. Exercises against dizziness- Sit on the floor or on a chair. Straighten your back and spine but not to be stiff. Relax your shoulders and place both hands on your hips. Direct the air towards your stomach as you inhale as if you want to fill the space between your hips with air. Inhale several times until you feel that you are connected to this part of the body. Then focus on the chest (front and back of the chest). Fill this part of your body with air as you inhale and keep it moving from your lower abdomen. Inhale towards the upper chest and collarbone. Take a short break between breaths to avoid creating tension. Focus on lowering your chest and ribs as you exhale and pulling your abdomen toward your spine.
  5. Exercises for Lower Blood Pressure-The accelerated work of the heart calms down and the blood pressure drops as you breathe through your left nostril. If you are away from home, place the index finger and middle finger of your right hand on the point between the eyebrows. Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Breathe slowly through your left nostril for 6 minutes. You can also achieve a positive effect if you sit in the “Turkish way of sitting” (sit on the floor with your legs crossed), then turn your right nostril with your index finger.

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