Sunflower is one of the most widespread plant species on the planet

Sunflower seeds give a better mood because they are rich in vitamins, mineral salts (magnesium folic acid, iron, a good mixture of trace elements). They are rich in tryptophan, which improves mood. You can use sunflower seeds in salads, soups or yogurt. Sunflower is a flower native to Mexico. This plant has spread all over the world, so today millions of hectares of arable land around the world are sown with sunflowers. Sunflower is attributed medicinal properties. Leaf and petals are used in phytotherapy. It is recommended in the diet and nutrition of people with diabetes due to its high content of proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. Cold-pressed sunflower oil has a positive effect on relieving cough, easier discharge of mucus. It is recommended to add a small spoon or 2 small spoons of this oil to warm tea (this significantly enhances the effect of the drink). Sunflower oil massage and compresses are used for rheumatism and arthritis.
The flowering period is from June to September. Depending on the season, sunflower can be used in various ways. Sunflower buds are delicious if steamed and stored as artichokes. Fresh petals are ideal for salads, dogs and various summer dishes. You can add the seeds to bread and pastries or use them as seeds for next year. If you plant sunflowers in your garden, know that this plant is quite resistant to cold, so it does not require special care. Sunflowers just need a lot of light. In case of strong wind, fix the stems to the bamboo sticks so that the plant gets good support.

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