Cosmetic care for people with diabetes

For people who have diabetes, special additional care of the face and skin is needed. The skin is dry and prone to itching and dandruff and should therefore be kept moist. Special care is needed for the lower extremities. This includes the use of adequate creams / lotions and regular hygiene.

  1. Effective care of extremely dry skin (such as in people suffering from diabetes) implies daily application of emollients (soften the skin) and moisturizing creams and lotions (give moisture to the skin).
  2. On warm skin, apply emollient preparation and then moisturizer / lotion for 5 minutes after bathing. Pay special attention to the lower legs, feet and heels.
  3. For washing / showering, preparations with a high concentration of lipids are recommended, which strengthen the protective defensive layer of the skin and protect the drying axis.
  4. Skin care products for diabetics should contain urea and lactate-natural factors that compensate for the daily loss of moisture.

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