The Mediterranean way of eating is one of the best ways to eat

Food is medicine and poison. The medicine is the food that contributes to weight loss. Obesity (especially stomach obesity) encourages the development of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, blood fats, cholecerol and triglycerides). With high blood sugar, it is a prerequisite for the development of numerous diseases (heart attack, diabetes, depression, and cancer in later years). Genetics is not always the basis of everything. These are more habits that are acquired during life in the diet in the family and environment. It is the habits that make obesity noticeable. Recent research suggests that changing the diet can affect the genetic basis. Nutrigenomics is a branch of medicine that deals with this topic. Foods that are bad for humans are foods rich in simple sugars (fried and fried foods). Sweets and sugary drinks should be avoided as they promote the secretion of insulin and water into obesity. Fried and fried foods are harmful because such a way of preparing food is suitable for the formation of lipid peroxides that lead to atherosclerosis. When a person gains extra pounds, he constantly needs concentrated carbohydrates, which contributes to obesity. That is why the Mediterranean way of eating is one of the most desirable ways of eating for people. This food is extremely good when it comes to treating and preventing many diseases. That means half a kilo of fruit consumption and half a kilo of vegetables a day. This is followed by the use of legumes and other bread substitutes (lentils and beans), durum wheat pasta that has a low glucose index. This is followed by raspberry oil, which contains a large amount of monounsaturated fat and has a direct effect on reducing blood fats and lipids and thus lowering blood pressure. Blue fish because it contains omega 3 fatty acids (herring, tuna, mackerel, salmon and other species that break down fats, prevent osteoporosis, contribute to weight loss.
It is recommended that daily movement means 5 kilometers within an hour. Walking is important because it contributes to the regulation of blood sugar, reduction of stomach obesity and prevention of many chronic diseases. As a person walks, the number of sugar transporters inside each cell increases. The skin reflects the state of the organism. For example, people who have high blood fats can be recognized by the appearance of their facial skin. A person with fat in the blood does not have a good metabolism and therefore may have wrinkled or pimpled facial skin. The solution to this problem is to lose weight and consume enough fluids.

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