5 tips for maximum effective training

  1. Footwear comfort-good footwear is a key factor in any workout. Walking shoes should be firm, comfortable, durable and comfortable. The comfort of the shoes is important to avoid friction between the leather and the shoes. Try on shoes when shopping and be sure to walk for a few minutes to make sure it suits you perfectly.
  2. Commitment to training – if you know from your own experience that perseverance is not your strong point, be sure to record walking in the calendar as an obligation. Search the internet for local walking groups and join.
  3. Training is fun – bring headphones and enjoy the music. People who listen to music expend more energy, exercise longer and get less tired. Choose songs of good rhythm that motivate you.
  4. Increasing the intensity of training – instead of a sharp increase in the pace of walking (training), extend the walking time. Every seven days, extend your walk for 3-5 minutes until you reach a duration of 30 minutes of walking. When you start walking regularly for half an hour then increase the pace. Once you get used to the new mode, insert a few minutes of brisk walking into the program. Then return to a moderate pace of walking.
  5. Strength Training- Strength and endurance exercises are important for controlling blood sugar and joint health. Instead of weights (which can damage your joints and bones), use body strength and do squats with your back against a wall, push-ups or lunges. Seek advice from a coach or physiologist. During a half-hour walking workout, take a 10-minute break for strength exercises.

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