“Animate Europe” International Comic Competition

6 December 2020

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The competition is organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

 Graphic artists, we challenge you! At this very moment Europe must find its way out of many unprecedented challenges, not just the Covid-19 pandemic – think populism, or Euroscepticism, to name just two major examples.

Animate Europe #5 wants you to explore Europe’s options for transformation.

Take us on a walk! This year’s topic is “Restart! – The Streets of Europe” Click HERE for more information.

You should submit 3 single page comics (graphic short stories). Each comic must display one independent graphic story on a single page.

Each entry must be in English.

The competition takes place in two rounds. Click HERE for more information.

Entry fee
The competition is free to enter.

• Round 1 – each finalist will receive €1,000.

• Round 2 – the overall winner will receive €1,000.

Competition website
For further information visit official website https://fnf-europe.org/animate-europe-streets-of-europe/



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