The orange color of carrots for eye health and the purple eggplant prevents the spread of cancer

Fruits and vegetables colored yellow, orange, purple and green can slow down the development of many complications and prevent many diseases.
Orange carrot for eye health-beta-carotene. Increased intake of this antioxidant with orange pigment is associated with less frequent occurrence of glaucoma in women. Research says it reduces the risk of cataracts. One medium-sized carrot has enough beta-carotene to meet the daily requirement of vitamin A. Fresh carrots have a lower glycemic index than cooked carrots. Add grated carrots to the burger mixture to increase the volume and reduce the caloric value of this food.
Yellow banana for better metabolism-potassium. One medium-sized banana satisfies 16% of the recommended daily intake of potassium (an element necessary for maintaining a healthy fluid balance in the body, it contributes to the healthy work of the heart muscle). The less ripe the banana is, the lower the glycemic index (the slower it raises blood sugar levels). Add bananas to oatmeal.
White leek reduces the risk of prostate cancer-sulfur compounds. These vegetables are rich in healthy nutrients called organosulfur compounds. These are compounds that, among other things, reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Cut the leek into rings and add it to the stewed vegetables or risotto. Place the leeks on the grill along with the zucchini. Add lettuce.
Green apples for a stronger heart-quercetin. Regular consumption of green apples ingests more quercetin (an active bioflavonoid that lowers the level of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammatory processes associated with heart disease). A medium-sized apple contains about 3 grams of fiber, some of which is soluble and lowers cholesterol levels. Leave the oatmeal overnight in unsweetened almond milk with some raisins, dried apricots and hazelnuts. In the morning, bring yogurt and grated green apple.
Purple eggplant prevents cancer-nasunin. Eggplant peel is rich in nasunin, an anthocyanin purple pigment that has been found to prevent the growth of cancers (stops the formation of new blood vessels that supply cancer). Cut the aubergines across the width. Take out the meat and then chop it. Mix with cooked kous-kous, garlic, hot pepper spread, onion, dried apricots and chickpeas. Fill the eggplants with this mixture. Bake in the oven until hot. Serve with green iceberg lettuce.

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