How to properly measure blood pressure?

Measuring blood pressure is not a matter of routine or a simple procedure. The accuracy of reading on the pressure gauge can be impaired by some situations (talking to other people, incorrect position on a chair without back support). When arterial pressure is measured (in the office or at home) without preparation the values ​​are usually lower than 10 mmHg to 15mmHg. Obtaining accurate readings will require the adoption of a few simple rules. If you have any doubts about the technical parameters or measurement results, talk to your doctor. If during the measurement at home you register a deviation in values ​​during one day and the reason is not technical irregularities – then the cardiologist will suggest further diagnostic methods (for example a holter device) – to determine the true cause and possible determination of therapy.
Blood pressure measurement rules:

  1. Go to the toilet before measuring.
  2. Rest for 5 minutes before measuring.
  3. Do not talk to other people during the measurement.
  4. Sit with your back against the back of a chair.
  5. Place the gauge cuff on the skin of your hand (not over clothing).
  6. Rest your upper arm on a table or chair back so that the gauge cuff is flush with your heart.
  7. Do not keep your legs crossed.
  8. Rest your whole feet on the floor.

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