Tips for properly sorting home pharmacy (and medicines)

It is desirable to revise the home pharmacy from time to time and get rid of expired medicines in a safe way.

  1. Sort the medicines according to their purpose – take everything you keep in the cupboards / drawers / boxes to the table. Then sort the preparations according to their purpose and frequency of use (daily or temporary use).
  2. Check the dosage and expiration date — throw out medications with invalid expiration dates from the cupboard. Discard insulin ampoules with invalid shelf life (if you are diabetic). Most insulin ampoules have a shelf life of 30 to 42 days. Then analyze the dosage of the most frequently used medications because the needs for some medications may change according to the health status of the household person (e.g., the person’s body weight) and the degree of physical activity.
  3. Remove medicines from the home in an appropriate way – medicines with invalid expiration dates and medicines that are potentially dangerous for other people should be taken to a pharmacy. There is a special box in pharmacies for disposing of old medicines. If this option is not feasible, dispose of medicines in accordance with the instructions on the package.

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