The power of oil pulling in the mouth popularly called “oil pulling”

This is a 2000 year old Indian therapy. Experts in the field of alternative medicine popularly call this therapy “oil pulling”. Today, it is considered an effective therapy that eliminates bad breath and treats gums. This ancient ritual in oral hygiene can improve the health of the mouth and the whole organism. Oil pulling is a method of shaking vegetable oil in the mouth which is then rinsed with water. It has been shown to be effective in preventing and relieving many ailments such as asthma, headaches, fatigue, diabetes and intestinal colitis.
The mouth is a window into the body, experts say. Therefore, numerous studies have shown that shaking vegetable oil in the mouth is one of the most powerful ways to detoxify the body. Oil pulling came to the attention of Western specialists in natural and alternative medicine after Dr. F. Karach (doctor and advocate of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine) presented the astonishing results of his research to a group of oncologists and bacteriologists at a medical congress in Ukraine. He described in detail numerous case studies of hornic diseases which he claimed were permanently cured by this simple, inexpensive and painless method. Bacteria and microorganisms that are present in the oral cavity directly affect the health of the whole organism. Mouthwash oil treatment eliminates bacteria and toxins and cleans the mouth. Most people who undergo oil shake treatment over a period of time notice amazing results – from a quick cure of acute health problems to the complete disappearance of long-term chronic difficulties. For this treatment, more available oils are recommended including sunflower, olive, unprocessed sesame oil and coke oil. Coconut oil has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, strengthen immunity and effectively prevent cancerous diseases.
The oil pulling technique — shake the oil in your mouth at any time of the day although this is best done in the morning before breakfast. Bacteria are most numerous immediately after waking up. It is recommended to drink a glass of water before the treatment so that the saliva (which is necessary for this process) is secreted more easily. Saliva also helps to remove harmful microorganisms and maintain a balanced pH value inside the oral cavity. For example, use a tablespoon of coconut oil for treatment, but never swallow it. You can add a few drops of essential or healing oil (oregano oil). Shake the oil lightly and purposefully. Make sure it reaches every corner of your mouth. Be careful not to gargle or swallow all the time oil. The process should take 15-20 minutes until the saliva is combined with the oil. The longer you shake the oil in your mouth, the paler and thinner the oil becomes. If the oil is yellow it means you haven’t shaken it long enough. After the treatment, spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with water. Brush your teeth with natural toothpaste. Many people will not be able to withstand shaking the oil for 20 minutes at first. It will then be necessary to spit out the oil. It can happen during the process that you feel the formation of mucus in your throat, as a result of which you will want to spit out the oil. This is a normal occurrence. Carry out the treatment partially until you reach a time of 20 minutes. Keep in mind that shortening the treatment means a weaker effect than that attributed to a complete 20-minute treatment. Oil is not the most important thing for the healing process. For healing, the human body is important with an innate healing mechanism that re-establishes balance, harmony and health of the organism with little support and appropriate opportunity. That support is a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, good oral hygiene and adequate hydration. Oil pulling works by removing harmful microorganisms and toxins to release the human body’s immune system of excess burden and thus alleviate inflammatory processes. The oil attracts the fatty membranes of these microorganisms by pulling them out of the parts of the body / mouth in which they hide. It then retains them in the oil until the person spits out the oil. That is why it is important that a person does not swallow the oil at all.

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