We gradually adjust our life habits to the new situation

Fear is a completely natural and normal reaction when it comes to something as complex, demanding and unpredictable as the current Corona virus pandemic in the world. With a few helpful tips and good organization, any new situation due to a pandemic can be overcome and kept under control. The emotional upheavals, ups and downs that life and life opportunities bring affect each person differently. We need to gradually adapt our life habits to the new situation in the world and create conditions for a new normal life.

  1. Eliminate guilt — we are not to blame for the new situation in the world. We need to accept everything that is happening to us and around us because what we are doing now will affect our future. Constantly turning / looking back will not bring us happiness and health in the years ahead.
  2. Look at the health crisis as a chance for a new life – start with small things, small life changes that can make you happy, for example, exercise more, read more, pay more attention to some small events and rejoice more.
  3. Change your habits slowly – always give yourself time to get used to every novelty in life. Learn to live with that newspaper. If you are always in a hurry all new habits will be harder and with more mistakes. Save life energy, and with the “new normal” you can live quite normally and healthily.
  4. The main role should be your-responsibility in life and all concrete actions are exclusively yours. Always listen to all the advice of your surroundings though. Make your own plan and a healthy balance in everything you do in life. If necessary, go back to the good old notebook.
  5. Prepare backup solutions for emergencies – whenever the situation allows, make a backup plan. Whether it’s for work, an event, a vacation, a party and the like.
  6. Read or do online training- Today there are endless online courses if you are not a fan of reading. Useful websites, education, consultations with immediate / extended family members and friends / neighbors are always a plus.
  7. Seek support – try to be often surrounded by people who love and understand you. Be active. Mutually giving advice, sharing experiences and providing support always helps in all life circumstances.
  8. Be informed – it is good to follow events in the world and your environment, but not with exaggeration.
  9. Set goals to increase your chances of success — goals should be realistic, optimistic, measurable, achievable, specific, and sometimes time-bound. Instead of saying that you will get rid of extra pounds by starting to eat fruit, you should set a goal of “eating an orange three times a week for breakfast”
  10. Make a list — everything important and unimportant according to priorities — and try to stick to your list.

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