Normal walking is a beneficial physical activity (Part Two)

If any person can walk it means that person is fit. Usually walking is not a competitive discipline or some form of race. Start with a 15-minute easy walk every day. Gradually increase the distances covered and the walking time. Fitness experts and doctors believe that walking can be one of the most effective exercises for people of all ages. It is possible to remove excess fat from the hips, abdomen and thighs in just two weeks of regular walking. Walk properly and shape your body.
If you do not have a partner for daily walking training, it is very likely that during the walks you will meet a new person / people who also like to walk and are willing to do this exercise in company. Although a solo walk has its advantages and pleasures. While walking, you can listen to the radio program and your favorite music, think, or observe the surrounding events. Proper walking technique facilitates this activity, reduces the risk of injury and burns more calories. Always look in front of you never at the ground below you. This will keep the body in the correct position and reduce the pressure on the neck. The shoulders should be relaxed. Hands and elbows slightly bent. Move your arms left and right while walking but not to the side. Do not raise your arms above chest level. When climbing uphill, bend your arms to walk more easily. The body should be straightened in a standing position, the shoulders should be flush with the hips and the hips above the feet. Tilting your body forward or backward is the wrong attitude even while walking uphill. However, you can “sit” for a while while going down a very steep descent. Then try to keep your hips still above your feet. He walks naturally. Don’t try to take smaller or bigger steps. When you want to walk faster you take shorter steps instead of extending the steps.
Walking shoes
Quality deep or shallow shoes are suitable because ordinary sneakers cannot be a proper footrest. Deep shoes are ideal because they are resistant to all types of terrain and weather conditions. Deep shoes are a firm support for the ankles. Shallow shoes are suitable for walking on flat terrain and in dry and warm weather. Shoes should be comfortable without squeezing so you will avoid blisters and the creation of bruises.

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