4 practical tips for cleaning stains on the wall, floor and carpet

  1. Although we are always careful while frying meat, it happens that the fat from the pan sprays the unprotected part of the wall near the stove. These stains can be easily removed. Dip a piece of cotton wool into the powder and heat in the oven. Immediately soak the stains with cotton wool soaked and heated in this way. Clean the wall with a brush after one hour.
  2. Grease penetrates deep into the wooden floor if it is not removed immediately. Clean fresh stains from unpainted wood as soon as possible with hot water to which you have added baking soda. Then wash the soiled surfaces with soap. Finally, rinse the floor with clean water. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  3. Clean candle or wax stains according to the following recipe: cover the buried part of the floor with double-folded tissue paper (so-called fleece paper). Slide the heated iron over the paper. Gradually move the paper until traces of grease remain. The paper will collect all the grease if you perform this procedure patiently.
  4. If you spilled coffee or tea on the carpet there, quickly clean those stains with a sponge soaked in cold water. Repeat the process until all stains are removed from the carpet. Under the carpet after cleaning with water, put folded clean paper to prevent the parquet from getting wet. In the meantime, protect or dry the damp part of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

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