7 Practical tips for buying comfortable shoes


Statistics show that out of 500 women aged 20 to 70, only 2% have a perfect foot shape. The other 98% have various foot deformities mainly due to long wearing uncomfortable shoes. Wearing blisters, blisters, deformity of the feet, swelling of the feet and difficulty walking occur due to wearing uncomfortable shoes.

  1. The comfort of shoes does not depend on the shape as much as on the softness of the leather and the proportions when making the shoes. This problem will not be solved by wide shoes completed with an inserted shoe insole. The insole for the shoes will soften quickly and such shoes will fall off the feet.
  2. Heel height – when the heels are too high the whole weight of the body falls / is transferred to the big toes. The effort to restore the disturbed balance creates difficulties. Due to the strain on the muscles, there is pain in the groin and lower leg, or when walking, the knees bend too much as the abdomen bulges.
  3. Footwear with flat soles also has its drawbacks. The arch of the foot does not have a sufficiently secure support. The weight of the body is transferred to the heels, which inevitably burdens the spine.
  4. It is most correct to actually choose the height of the heels according to the length of the feet. The longer the foot, the higher the height of the heel should be. For an average foot length, however, the height of the heels should not be longer than 3 to 5 inches. Shoe length is the easiest to determine. The toes should also have enough space when the toes bend or stretch when walking.
  5. Check the width of the shoe in a standing position. The fingers should not be too tight but not too far apart. If the shoes are too wide, there is friction of the toes, warming of the feet and blisters. In tight shoes, the legs swell.
  6. A secure footrest is important, depending on the shape of the heel. In short, the heel must not run “backwards” or bend inside. This is easy to check. Take a few steps and turn in place. Then abruptly transfer your body weight to your heels. If your shoes are still comfortable on your feet and give you secure support, choose a good model of shoes for yourself.
  7. Shoes should be chosen according to stature. When a woman is slender, shoes can be strikingly colored and even decorated with wide belts and hairpins. People who do not have a slender body line prefer flat shoes of a darker color and simple models.

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