Teeth whitening technique in dental and home conditions


Exploring this interesting topic, I came across the sentence that in the overall human culture, one of the indicators of health and vitality is the whiteness and beauty of teeth. To this day, this hidden and ingrained desire and aspiration of people to achieve the ideals of youth and beauty has remained. By whitening teeth, the patient achieves a sense of self-esteem and self-satisfaction.
Today, there are various methods to achieve a brighter, more beautiful and more harmonious appearance of teeth. Teeth whitening is the most commonly used method. It is an efficient, safe and not at all invasive procedure with which excellent results are achieved with occasional repetition. A better effect is achieved by teeth whitening performed by a dentist in relation to various preparations with which each person can perform this procedure independently in their home (at home). The dentist conducts a conversation with the client about the wishes, and any desired tooth colors. He examines the teeth and connective tissue and reveals which technique is best for the patient. Then perform parodatological preparation regardless of the chosen technique of teeth whitening. If the dentist finds that there are no periodontal problems (white connective and surrounding tissue around the teeth) then the ultrasound device is used to polish the teeth and remove pigmentation and tartar. This therapy can be performed in an office (or clinic), or in combined conditions (office-home conditions). The technique of teeth whitening in the office is achieved by using high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and urea peroxide in the form of a gel. Activation is achieved with the help of laser or chemical use of light and heat. The procedure consists of protecting the connective tissue from the action of the agent and applying the agent to the tooth surfaces three times for 15 minutes. The intervention lasts an hour. Active teeth (from which the root has been extracted) are more prone to darkening, so some patients want to whiten only this tooth. An internal technique is then performed when a whitening agent is placed in the tooth canal. The combined method in office and home conditions lasts 5 to 10 days. This method achieves gradual whitening of vital teeth. Quality gels based on urea peroxide with a concentration of 10-22% are used. A small amount of gel is placed on individually made foils that the patient puts on the teeth during the night. The foil is made of fine and soft plastic. It fits precisely on the tooth surface. The application is comfortable and allows undisturbed sleep. This simple procedure consists of taking imprint for making foil. The existing and target tooth color is determined. The patient receives foil and gel with detailed training and tips for use. Control after the procedure. Research says that a small percentage of patients develop hypersensitivity to cold after starting this treatment. These patients are advised to apply the foils for only one hour on the first day and increase the wear for an additional hour every other day. With a gradual procedure, patients achieve the desired results. Another option is for the patient to put a foil with tooth whitening gel one night and the next night to additionally put a fluoride-based preparation that additionally strengthens the tooth enamel.

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