20 minutes a day every day is needed for better fitness, health and happiness

Twenty minutes a day every day takes time for each person to gain better fitness, be healthier and happier.

  1. 20 minutes for a walk-walk is a simple and very effective form of physical activity. The walk is suitable for all people, especially for people without previous fitness experience or without physical fitness. Twenty minutes of walking every day is a goal achievable for every person. This time can be divided into smaller intervals or be a continuous walk. If a person wants a continuous walk then he should walk as fast as possible from 30 seconds to 2 minutes then continue with a moderate step until the heart rate slows down. Repeat this movement pattern for those 20 minutes. In this way, fitness and health are gained faster.
  2. 20 minutes for strengthening exercises – only 20 minutes of daily exercises a day are enough to strengthen the body. You can also divide these exercises into card intervals within these 20 minutes. Try to do one of 3 sets of exercises with 10-15 repetitions with weights of different weights. Seek instructions for proper exercise from a qualified fitness trainer. These exercises can be: push-ups, push-ups on one arm with a weight in the other hand, lifting weights in a standing position, lifting weights from a lying position, biceps exercises, squats, triceps stretching.
  3. 20 minutes for interval training-exercises are useful for the cardiovascular system. It is best to do these exercises and block. One to two minutes should be set aside for each exercise. Rest if necessary. Stepper exercises or walking with light steps, push-ups on elbows or fists, push-ups on knees or toes, jumps in place, push-ups on the side while leaning on one arm, walking in a place with high knees, exercise-bridge.
  4. 20 minutes for sitting exercises – in a sitting position or on a chair you can do several effective exercises. This is convenient for people who get tired easily and quickly, who find it difficult to stand for a long time, or people who easily lose their balance. Exercises for biceps with weights, lifting one weight as professionals do, stretching the triceps, alternating sitting and getting up from a chair, lifting weights from the elbows, lifting weights from the position of the arms lowered to the hips, sit-ups, lifting the legs, lifting the legs off the floor and raise your knees.

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