Detoxification of the organism in a safe way

Detoxification or cleansing of the body is quite popular among all age groups. Lemonade with honey or maple syrup, green smoothie, lemonade with chili pepper without sugar and similar drinks belong to various body cleansing programs. The body is cleansed of toxins, by-products of digestion and other bio-chemical processes in the body. Although cleaning programs are rigorous they have become very trendy in recent years. As the number of body cleansing programs grows, so does the number of nutrition experts who suggest these programs. Most of these programs are claimed to effectively cleanse the body and cause rapid removal of excess body weight. It is evident, however, that behind most of these programs there is no scientific evidence of health safety. 3 years ago, moreover, in one scientific study of the effectiveness of a large number of detox regimens, no evidence was found that they help to reduce body weight at all.
For people receiving therapy, detoxification of the body can have effects on the disease. We know that each patient follows a formula for successful disease regulation: therapy + diet + physical activity. When a patient makes a drastic change in diet (for example, a diet with only fruit juices), this formula collapses drastically no matter how short the change lasts. Modification of ischarene can cause some side effects (nausea, dehydration, general weakness) just like the altered effect of any therapy. The most important thing is that there is no objective need to cleanse the organism because every organism is cleansed naturally. Detoxification is performed 24 hours all 7 days a week in different organs. It is the perfect mechanism of the human body.
If a person still wants to “refresh” his body and start the process of losing weight, there is a safe way to do this process. This process means abandoning a few bad eating habits. A moderate and modified version of detoxification of the organism can be done in just 2 days. It is based on the following foods: fruits and vegetables in combination with unprocessed vegetable proteins (for example, raw nuts or lentils). One meal can therefore be grilled beans, beans and mushrooms with mixed berries. A handful of almonds for lunch. This version of whole foods ensures a stable blood glucose level with preserved principles of detoxification. Minimally processed foods will be minimally retained in the body (ie in the intestines). You should drink plenty of water. After two days, you will feel fresh and clean without fear of the negative consequences of a detox diet.
3 quick and easy ways to start losing weight:

  1. Environmental control – inspect refrigerators, kitchen elements and shelves / pantries. Throw away foods that are harder to digest. Create stocks of healthy whole foods.
  2. Eat thoughtfully – think about every bite you eat. Do not eat directly in front of the TV or from the food packaging as this will prevent you from accurately determining the portion size. Order small portions of food in restaurants.
  3. Be consistent and dedicated — this is not just about 2 days. If you return to your old eating habits after a two-day detox program – then the old pounds and lost body weight will return.

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