Good ideas for reading on long autumn nights: November 2020.
  1. Olive, Again (by Elizabeth Strout) -readers who had the opportunity to meet the distinctive Olive Kitteridge (reading the book of the same name or watching the HBO series), could hardly wait for new stories in which this often cruelly sincere, but also extremely compassionate retired math teacher. Olive observes herself and the world of the coastal American town that surrounds her through a peculiar prism. All in turn touching and warm, not at all pathetic. Often unusual and on the verge of bizarreness, these stories take us deep into the human soul and the core of interpersonal relationships. Don’t miss meeting Olive Kitteridge in the novel “Olive, Again”.
    2. The Night Olivia Fell (by Christina McDonald) – a touching debut novel by Christine McDonald in which nothing is resolved to the very end. The novel will awaken in you the fears, struggles and worst nightmares of every parent – the misfortune of a child that is not seemingly an accident. Abi Knight wakes up in the middle of the night with a phone ringing and tragic news – her daughter, teenager Olivia, has had a terrible accident. Abi says Olivia slipped on the bridge and fell into the icy water of the river and is now unconscious in the hospital and is being kept alive by appliances. But Abi notices bruises on Olivia’s wrists and learns that her otherwise sensible daughter is three months pregnant. Would you believe they would tell you it was an accident?
    With her first novel, Christine McDonald topped the list of best-selling titles and won numerous nominations for best novel. USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are just some of the best-selling titles on which the main star for weeks was the novel “The Night Olivia Fell”. Book clubs Marie Claire, BookBub, Goodreads, Crime Reads agree that it was Christine McDonald’s novel that was their favorite monthly choice. Suspense Magazine did not resist the charms and tensions of this story, which declared it the best crime novel of 2019. Many fans of this somewhat creepy story were thrilled by the news that, according to Christine McDonald’s story, a film should also be made. “Behind Every Lie” is her second title, while in February 2021 the third novel “Do No Harm” is eagerly awaited.

3.The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories (by Mary Higgins Clark) is a collection of crime stories. The title story is slightly longer than the other stories. She is a respected writer and the wife of the future British Prime Minister. This eminent writer is threatened with revenge more than 300 years old. The story intertwines the crime genre with the fantastic and the paranormal. The protagonist of the story after session hypnosis begins to experience holes in the memory.
Marry Higgins Clark was born in 1929. She is the author of the best-selling novels of mystery and intrigue in the United States. It has sold over 100 million copies of books. The Author writes thrillers and “washed” and non-violent crime stories. At the center is always a beautiful and intelligent woman (doctor, journalist, lawyer, interior designer) in one word an ambitious and professionally successful lady. This lady is lurking in various dangers for which she finds a way out / solution on her own. Statistics say that about 70% of the readership is made up of women. In addition to the USA, Higgins’ novels are sold in 35 other countries around the world. “Readers are very loyal to her,” said her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark. Carol Higgins Clark is also a writer of crime novels. For more than a decade, her writing advisors were a retired detective and a sergeant who taught the author about police procedure and culture. For example, in one of her novels, two detectives walked two blocks during an investigation, but a retired sergeant warned Mary of a mistake. “Mary, detectives never walk. Detectives always drive. ”Mary accepted the remark.

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