The education system has been constantly changing in a positive direction in recent years

The pillar of every society we know is quality education. The information and technological development of every society is a key factor for successful social action in the world market of supply and demand. Nevertheless, changes in education are necessary over time and can be said to be necessary as time goes on. This problem is current in most European countries and the United States. In Europe, however, the Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of education. Dissatisfaction with the slow development of education in the United States over the past decade has resulted in the involvement of major global companies from Silicon Valley, Apple, Google, Sonny, Facebook and others.
In the last few years, technological titans have decided to get involved in the most complex and delicate part of the social system – the education system. They used the techniques learned in running their companies. The philanthropic missions of these technology giants included changing subject matter in schools, changing fundamental approaches to learning, and changing the tools used in schools. The involvement of some of the richest and most influential technology giants in education in the 21st century seemed like testing new and advanced ideas on millions of young people. Many believe that an engineering mindset and tools can turn any mess into an orderly system and that their success in the information technology sector entitles them to change the education system. They have proved that they do not know the wrong decision and cannot make it.
It should start from the fact that education in the world does not follow the development of society in real time. The education system seems inert and sluggish to many as the market situation changes rapidly experiencing quantum leaps. One of the arguments of the Silicon Valley experts was that exponential development is constantly happening in the technology industry due to collective and individual thinking about models that will enable and facilitate that development. This form of thinking can very easily be replicated in any other system including the education system. Many teachers and professors, on the other hand, complained that the impact of the IT sector on school development was not monitored enough. They have great power to influence movements but no responsibility. This criticism was clear while some argued that the interference of the IT sector in education was a reversal of democracy. Until then, the success of new technological systems, tools, programs, ie their impact on the further development of students and the possible better achieved, has not been consistently monitored.

school results. We know that powerful people have always influenced all events, so they can use all available tools such as social networks to directly access each student and to directly address young people. The IT sector says they are glad to participate in public debates about the importance and goals of education. Although their proivi correlate with aspirations to sell as many computers and software as possible to schools. Continuing this trend in recent years today in 2020, this market is estimated to be worth over $ 21 billion. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff offered and approved innovation scholarships for public school principals in 2017. It was a one-time payment of $ 100,000. The offer was intended for principals who show interest and become much more than school administrators and provide children with quality and purposeful education. Netflix owner Reed Hastings has also developed a whole new system based on Netflix’s algorithm to make it easier for children to learn math. The principle is simple. Netflix’s Dreambox program offers children lessons based on previously unlearned knowledge and unsolved tasks. Dreambox actually individualizes the approach to learning math. It is known that Marc Zuckerberg’s science fiction program was tested in more than a hundred American schools. It is software in which children are themselves responsible for the lessons they learn and the knowledge they acquire while teachers are a kind of mentors and leaders. Although children and teachers are together in the classroom, everyone learns what suits him and the pace that suits the student. When a student is stuck with learning, there are teachers / mentors who guide the child on the right path. This mission of Marc Zuckerberg and his pediatrician wife Priscilla Chan began in 2015. The main impulse was to generously provide education and knowledge to every child. The teacher is a mentor who takes care of the child’s development of social and cognitive skills (for example, moderation of discussions). However, after the conversation of journalists with teachers from schools, the public learned that this program does not suit all students (some students did not have the will to acquire basic knowledge). It turns out that the idea of ​​replacing quality teachers with an algorithm that does not take many abstract factors to transfer knowledge to students is not yet realistic. The algorithm could not notice the general atmosphere in the classroom or the individual mood of each child.
An extremely welcome initiative is This non-profit organization was funded by the largest IT companies with more than US $ 60 million. The goal was to introduce computer science as a compulsory subject in all schools in America. The goal was guided by the argument that by introducing computer science in education, everyone

they literally profit. Because, in collaboration with Microsoft, has been working to change the education law so that the state funds these subjects. They educated over 60,000 teachers. Their coding taboo movement called the Hour of Code is world-renowned and popular today. Anyone can join this movement. Perhaps today’s situation with education (when children work online half of the time, ie at home and one part of the work is done directly by going to school), will best show what kind of education system is needed for some new and future generations. Because the time so far has shown that there will always be positive and negative criticism of everything in society – including the education system. Some people will be “for change”, while some people will be against any kind of change.

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