The ritual of removing make-up and cleaning the face more often involves a special procedure

Removing make-up from the face and deep removal of impurities from the face is definitely one of the most important moves during regular care. Facial cleansing ritual increasingly includes a special “procedure” and additional beauty gagdets.
Sponges for washing and cleansing the face for a complete treatment – these mega-popular small sponges are in addition to facial care ingenious gagdets that can be used to care for the neck and décolleté. Due to the extremely delicate and mesh construction, they are suitable for the care of all skin types, even hypersensitive, skin prone to redness, skin prone to itching and dandruff, and skin with similar problems. These little cosmetic sponges perfectly cleanse and narrow pores. They remove ugly blackheads, excess oil and dirt on the skin. They stimulate microcirculation, restore the balance of the disturbed pH value of the skin. Restores the skin’s natural moisture and healthy glow. This completely non-aggressive and non-invasive treatment can be used daily. Morning and evening for cleansing and mild skin massage, skin peeling. In combination with day and night cream, face masks and various skin serums.
Small cosmetic sponges are useful for various user needs – to make sure that the sponge will suit your skin type, choose a specialized “cleanser” tailored to your skin type. However, you can always choose a universal little face sponge. Various sponge variants are available on the market today: a sponge for oily and problematic skin that removes the most stubborn grease and dirt from the deep parts, and from problem areas on the skin (T-zone). Sponges for sensitive skin that contain additives of natural substances that soothe the complexion (for example, a sponge with pink clay). Sponges for normal skin type that soften and tighten the skin.

Using a cosmetic sponge
Sponges can only be used in combination with water. Sponges are bought mostly in dehydrated form. Then soak well in water. Sponges can also be used together with the usual preparations for removing make-up and cleansing the face, which enhances the effect of both products.
Facial cleansing cloths offer antibacterial protection – polyurethane antibacterial facial cleansing cloths are extremely soft and effective in removing impurities and bacteria from facial skin. They are especially suitable in summer because at high temperatures facial skin is additionally susceptible to external influences (dry wind, dust , humidity, dry air and the like). Dip a cloth in water and clean the whole face with light movements. After use, the cloth is washed with water and washed with soap. After use, it dries and hardens so that bacteria do not accumulate on the surface. After you wet it again, the cloth is soft again and ready to use.

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