Beauty guide for summer, sun, beaches and high temperatures (Part II)

Beauty guide for summer, sun, beaches and high temperatures (Part II)
Prevent unwanted drying of hair – unavoidable hair care products during the summer and high temperatures should be those that do not rinse, that protect hair during treatment with a hair dryer or hair straightener, BB hair treatments, products for washing, care and styling hairstyles with UV factor and products that protect hair from chlorine and sea salt. Get a special scalp brush that will not tear the hair strands but untangle them without pulling. This brush also massages the scalp. The best choice is a brush that can also be used for wet hair. Use a spray conditioner that can also be used between two hair washes. Use boosters, BB, CC creams and hair lotions, night masks, hair mousses and treatments before shampooing your hair. During the year, use medicated treatments for dry and cracked hair. They can be found in the form of highly concentrated ampoules. Hair restores life and stimulates the growth of young and new hair. Use the ritual of washing your hair to massage the scalp and remove stubborn deposits from the hair and scalp with special preparations. By using these preparations, the active substances from the product reach the scalp and scalp.

Perfect pedicure and manicure – use peeling to nourish the skin and nails on your hands and feet. Also use masks and balms and ointments to regenerate the skin on your hands and feet. Try innovative products (matte upper arms) that turn all types of textures into an even surface of muted shine and oil for quick drying of the applied texture. A great choice is a permanent nail polish that you can find in perfumeries and do the treatment in a beauty salon. The leading trend among textures is the one with a plasticized sheen from a pastel color palette. There are practical nail stickers on which you can subsequently paint with nail polish. This achieves a completely original effect. Deodorants for feet and shoes are a good choice. These are usually “2 in 1” products with a nourishing component. Antibacterial soaps or washing gels are a good choice. Care for nails on the hands and feet regularly and throughout the year with felt-tip pens or anti-fungal varnishes and with an instant effect of whitening the nail surface.
Discreet tanned skin — they say the most beautiful skin tone is when the skin is bathed in the sun and gets a mild shade of white coffee. More than that, it is a safe path to hyper-pigmentation and premature skin aging. Today, you can get a false tan from bottles, sprays and various preparations or self-tanning creams. These products work gradually and only slightly darken the skin, various bronzers in stone, powder, oil, drops or with a shimmer. In salons, you can try the spray treatment, which today gives very natural results. The day cream will be replaced by tinted BB and CC creams. For a radiant cleavage, use a dry oil spray enriched with golden shimmer. There are special non-alcoholic perfumes with the addition of bronze particles that have a similar, more fragrant effect. Get multicolored blushes or face powders in four or more shades to achieve a multi-color sheer glow on your cheeks and entire face in one go.

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