Beauty guide for summer, sun, beaches and high temperatures

Impeccable skin tone-high temperatures and swimming in the sea and pools require minimal make-up interventions. Still, the skin can glow with its natural glow even then. Use a more intensive treatment regimen for the face and body. Use skin care oils that have been one of the leading cosmetic trends in recent years. Use an abundance of so-called spray mist, eau de toilette spray and thermal spray water. If you feel that your skin is still “thirsty” for water and additional sources of hydration – this is a sure sign that under your usual regular skin care you need to apply a layer of serum. We also know that UV protection is necessary. Listen to the advice of well-informed Koreans and first apply your regular cream on the skin, which you normally use, and only then the cream (emulsion) with SFP 50 (or cream with a high protection factor). So at the same time you protect yourself from the sun and get a slightly tanned skin tone. Also use products that promote natural tanning of the skin by extracting melanin to the skin surface. The best preparations for mild tanning of the skin are preparations without “self tanner”. If you start using beta-carotene preparations on time, you will get clean and flawless skin ready for the sun’s rays. Include beta-carotene-containing foods in your menu. Carrots are the most famous source of this provitamin. Beta-carotene is also found in other seasonal orange fruits and vegetables (melons, oranges, peppers, peaches and apricots). Try creams with an optical skin lightening effect. With these creams, the skin will look “flawless” without a shred of make-up. Eye creams that wipe the eyelids in an instant are especially recommended. If you still can’t imagine a day without make-up, then use supple SPF waterproof powders in the form of a cream. These powders are applied with a wet sponge. Thanks to the enormous amount of skin care ingredients and a high degree of protection, these powders belong to “skincare” products (not make-up powders).
Remove the orange peel and create a toned figure for the beach – here also applies the rule of intensive treatment with dry brushing, self-massage (the best are small products that you can use in the shower or during the shower), bathing in cold water. Use morning and evening products to remove cellulite from the skin in all affected areas. Anti-cellulite preparations are preparations with a thermal effect, intensive serums, night concentrates and masks, anti-cellulite pants, massage oils (especially dry massage oils because they are quickly absorbed into the skin leaving marks on clothing). A good choice is to alternately use two or more of these products. Introduce anti-stretch mark treatments into the regimen. Oil treatments against stretch marks are the best .. use balms to firm and tighten the skin on the chest and décolleté.

For areas affected by orange peel instead of the usual peeling – use anti-cellulite peeling for detoxification. This peeling promotes drainage. The best types of peels for detoxification are those with slightly larger and coarser granules (they look like large salt crystals) and oil peels, thanks to which the skin does not dry out. Replace the usual body lotion with a lotion to tighten the skin of the body and reshape the contours. These preparations give fantastic results especially when used in combination with anti-cellulite products.
Smooth skin without any hair on the body – try it if you are able to home appliances for IPL that give impressive and long-lasting results. They also prevent the appearance of “ingrown hairs” in the skin, especially in awkward places on the body (for example, the bikini area), which can be especially inconvenient in the summer. You can use Egyptian waxing but alternately using wax and razor to shave. Make sure the razor has pillows or straps with nourishing properties, movable joints that will safely remove hair from awkward places on the body (knees). Always use them with a wet shaving gel. Try special waxing gloves. These gloves simultaneously remove hair completely naturally and do peeling on the skin. Remember also that special skin care products after shaving (body hair removal treatment) should be used immediately after the treatment and for at least another 10 days afterwards. When using a shaving razor, never pull the razor blade in the opposite direction of hair growth. This way you will be able to remove hair faster and more thoroughly, but also significantly increase the chance of skin irritation and redness. If redness and skin irritation do occur, solve the problem with the simplest piece of ice. Useful and highly sought after electric trimmers with no pain when depilating the skin. Trimmers with a special attachment for removing hair around the eyebrows are especially practical.

Remove unpleasant odors from the body – natural products enriched with essential oils simultaneously neutralize sweat and accompanying sweating. They nourish the sensitive skin of the armpits. Creamy sweat removers are massaged into the skin without any stains on clothes. Deodorants that contain a high proportion (at least a quarter) of a nourishing cream are highly sought after and desired. They have the effect of the original treatment for beautification. Depending on your skin needs, choose the right deodorant. There are deodorants against excessive sweating and deodorants against intense sweating, deodorants that prevent the formation of yellow and white marks on clothing with prolonged action (48 hours, 72 hours and even up to seven days), which have a stronger effect on increased physical activity. Try the famous crystal-shaped deodorants (crystal stone) that are moistened with water before use. It is a natural protection with a layer of mineral salts.


    • Dear edexme,

      Hair serums in all forms are good to all type of hair. Crystal serum as well as far as person use it normally/sporadically not very often. Wishing you all the best.


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