Korean beauty brands are changing the global cosmetics industry


In recent years, Korean beauty brands or semi-early K-beauty brands are changing the global cosmetics industry. South Korean women spend twice as much money on beauty products as American women. Men from South Korea are convincingly higher consumers of cosmetics than men in any other country in the world. In the period from 1998 to 2012 in South Korea there was a so-called “Korean wave” or explosive growth in exports of cosmetic products of as much as 1500% over a period of 15 years. 61% of all goods exported from South Korea were cosmetics (especially skin care products). The reason for this expansion and popularity is the quality of Korean skin care products. These numbers continue to grow unstoppable, making the Korean beauty market one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With 6% growth per year, it surpassed even the USA and Great Britain. Simultaneously with the increase in the use of beauty products in the world, the world’s population is also interested in Korean culture and the cult of beauty created around the skin care routine that Koreans have nurtured and respected for centuries. Many of these products are used to achieve a youthful and flawless facial skin look and radiant porcelain skin tone using a double facial cleansing ritual (oil and water based facial cleansers). Korean face toners, essences or moisturizing liquids with active ingredients and sunscreen products are popular.


Popular K-beauty products
The trademark of K-beauty routines are “sheet” masks in wipes that transform the skin in just 15 minutes, giving it a week of care. Popular are face masks that are held overnight while we sleep. The point of using these products is that under the influence of TV commercials, TV programs and traditions we feel good in our skin on a daily basis. The purpose is to have a healthy and radiant skin tone with almost invisible pores on the face. That is why products that lighten the skin and prevent wrinkles are popular. Many cosmetic laboratories from South Korea are constantly designing new products, defining new beauty trends and offering customers exceptional quality at affordable prices. That is why there is a huge and growing interest in all fashion brands from South Korea. Cosmetic laboratories have been perfecting their products and quality for years, using the latest technical and scientific achievements. They have developed stable and effective formulas and new ingredients using biotechnology. Due to greater competition in other markets, these laboratories are constantly looking for new innovations to meet the desires and needs of markets around the world. The first cosmetic laboratory in South Korea was built by the company “Amorepacific”. They were among the first to present some revolutionary products (cushion compact or liquid powder in a pillow). Cushion Compact is the most popular Korean product. It is designed with one goal to nourish the skin when a layer of make-up is applied to the skin so that the skin tone is flawless at all times. Western cosmetics giants L’ȯreal and Lancóme have included cushion compact in their collections. Amorepacific today has over 350 experts and researchers working on the development of new and functional products (anti-age products, sun protection products, skin whitening products and the like). Other popular Korean cosmetic manufacturers include Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo, Tonymoly, The Face Shop and others. These manufacturers are globally recognized and competitive due to the quality and innovation of cosmetic products.
BB Cream from South Korea
BB cream was originally formulated in the 60s of the last century in Germany. Korean cosmetic laboratories actually perfected BB cream in the 80s of the last century. In 2000, BB cream broke into the western market. This hybrid of face cream and foundation has been used for years. BB cream makes up as much as 13% of South Korea’s total cosmetics market.






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