The Grande beach in Costa Rica is the nesting ground of a giant leatherback turtle


The giant leatherback turtle is the largest sea turtle in the world. The large beach in Costa Rica is known as the nesting place of this animal. The beach is about 5 kilometers long and is known for its warm and crystal clear water. In May 2019, the largest sea turtle in the world emerged from the ocean and stunned all the people around it. By the way, there are turtles in the world that can reach a length of more than 2 meters. The weight can be over one ton. We know turtles are special creatures. Unusual shapes and interesting armor make turtles one of the most special creatures on the planet. When the largest sea turtle in the world emerged from the water, visitors to the beach gathered to see it. The turtle’s mother is a seven-striped smirk. She dragged herself slowly to the beach to avoid curious people and dangerous predators.

The observers present did not block it. On the contrary, they gave her plenty of room to move. It is certain that the observers present wanted to experience this incredible moment without disturbing the natural process. Only actually female turtles of this species come out of the ocean and come to the beach, although someone would think that because of the size of the turtle it is a large male turtle. Seven-striped turtles spend almost their entire lives in the ocean. Females go ashore only to lay eggs. Males are harder to study than females because males leave the ocean after hatching and entering the ocean. These turtles are known to travel very long distances during their lives. In some cases, individuals will cross the entire Pacific Ocean after hatching to reach their feeding grounds.
Throughout their lives, these turtles swim across the ocean several times. They move between feeders and hatcheries. This species of turtle returns to the area where it hatched to continue mating and builds a nest like other species of turtles. These amazing animals travel thousands of miles across the ocean throughout their lives. The size of these sea creatures does not prevent them from looking all over the world for places to feed, play and mate.

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