The Roman goddess Juno is the protector of women and childbirth

Juno is the main goddess of Roman mythology. Her Greek counterpart is Hera, the goddess of marriage and queen of the gods among the Greeks.
Juno’s name comes from the Indo-European root yeu, meaning “fundamental strength”. It is also possible that it comes from the names of other mother goddesses. Juno was often called “ax eye” (she had large and dark eyes). However, it was not a derogatory name, but a very sophisticated compliment.
Juno is the patroness and special adviser of the Roman Empire. Its Greek equivalent is Hera, and its Etruscan equivalent is Uni. As the protective goddess of Rome and the Roman Empire, she was nicknamed Regina (“queen”). Juno is also the goddess of marriage. He often appears with a shield and armor, like the Greek goddess Athena. An asteroid is named after Juno.
The Junone family tree is similar to the family tree of the Greek goddess Hera in Greek mythology. Junanon is the daughter of the god Saturn (son of Cel and Terra), who swallowed each of his children. Juno’s mother is Ops-Saturn’s sister. Juno’s sisters are Vesta and Ceres (Jupiter’s mistress). Juno’s brothers are Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter. Jupiter is also Juno’s husband. Juno gave birth to Vulcan and Mars to Jupiter. Juno is symbolized by a peacock bird precisely because of the “eyes” on its tail. Juno was not considered as jealous a wife as the goddess Hera was considered by the Greeks. The month of June was named after the Roman goddess Juno. Juno is the protector of women and childbirth according to Roman mythology. The month of June is the month of the calendar beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. The month of June is always good to use for as long as possible to stay outdoors in the fresh air. Although you do not have a planned annual vacation in June, it is always good to use the weekends or afternoons of this month to stay in nature, which will be beneficial for all family members and friends. June marks World Environment Day every year (June 5). This day is also a reminder that preserving the environment is vital for all people in the world. The culture we have in our home should be applied even when we are away from home.

  1. The first step may be to carefully dispose of garbage in designated outdoor bins and containers. This act does not require much energy but good human will and awareness to preserve the environment in which we live and the entire planet to last as long as possible for future generations.
  2. By making small changes to your home, garden, terrace and backyard we can also beautify the environment in which we live.
  3. Balconies and windows decorated with fresh and well-groomed plants are beautiful and a remedy for the soul and eyes. Each person can be the initiator of beautifying the space in their immediate environment.
  4. Satisfaction and pride can be brought to every person by planting and caring for plants. At the same time, we visually beautify the exterior and interior of the home. Planting and broaching about plants is an activity in which we create a beautiful ambiance. This activity can become an interesting hobby for us. We know that every hobby ennobles a person and recovers a person from everyday obligations and monotony.
  5. During the month of June, you can enrich your terrace or garden with annual plants (marigold, dahlia, yawn, petunia). These plants bloom until late summer and give flowers of beautiful colors.

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