Practical tips for choosing the right swimsuit

The ideal swimsuit with the cut and choice of materials corresponds to the body structure of each person because it conceals imperfections and reveals attributes on the body. If he makes a good choice in such a bathing suit every person should feel comfortable, confident and somewhat attractive. Making a bathing suit requires much less material than making any other garment. With a good choice of models, patterns and colors a lot can be hidden and revealed. It depends on the basic division of swimsuits (one-piece costumes and two-piece costumes), leg length, waist height, baskets and straps and all the other many ornaments on the costume (discreet ornaments, pointed details, bows, metal clips, decorative ribbons, beads, tassels and similar to). Each person should realistically accept their own body structure, patiently try on several models of bathing suits and choose the costume in which they feel best. The perfect swimsuit tailored to each person always remains fashionable and unsurpassed regardless of fashion dictates and trends that are of a passing character. It is important to choose the appropriate size of a bathing suit in which the body is not outlined, the skin is not incised and nowhere does it show / spring excess weight.

Choosing a swimsuit according to body shape
The bikini is always classic and modern — this swimsuit model is a good choice for all women and those with a perfect body shape and overweight women. A two-piece swimsuit is great for sunbathing. A slightly larger belly or an overly prominent back can be visually and perfectly concealed by a lower part cut almost to the waist that has miniature stockings.
Pear-shaped body-this body shape has women with hips wider than the shoulders. Fashion experts recommend one-piece and two-piece swimsuit models for this body composition. It is good to choose models with short legs in muted colors. For all people who are bikini lovers, it is a fashion recommendation that the upper part be with more striking patterns and tying bones around the neck (because this model of tying visually widens the shoulders). The lower part should be monochromatic and simpler without patterns and ornaments in dark color tones. A good two-part model can have effective vertical stripes.
Hourglass as a body shape – thinner waist and appropriate curves in appropriate places characterize this body shape. Any two-piece costume is a good choice.

If the breasts are more prominent than the hips, then you should carefully choose the model of the basket and the darker color. Shaped and beautiful thighs are very well accentuated by miniature models, low waist tied with laces on both sides.
A body without a prominent waist — since the waist has almost no or very little prominence — the best choice are one-piece swimsuits. They should have high incisions at waist height to create the effect of a thinner and narrower waist by visually widening the hips. Asymmetrical and unusual cuts along the back of the costume as well as the front of the swimsuit contribute to the more rounded body shape and the so-called “chic” look.
Small and large breasts – for each breast size there is a suitable model that can visually reduce / enlarge the bust. Large breasts mean a firm upper part with quality baskets of darker colors and discreet patterns and wider straps. Models with ruffles, fringes, pleats, flashy colors, as well as thin straps or the absence of straps are not recommended. For small breasts, anything that is not the most beautiful on the upper part of a swimsuit for a prominent bust is recommended. Small breasts will visually enhance cheerful colors, unusual print patterns, ruffles, pointed folds, stylized flowers, bows and the like. Apart from the decorated upper part, the excellent swimsuit models are all with a “push up” effect.
Rounded figure and prominent abdomen – a rounded figure and excess weight are most often characterized by a stronger chest, bust and back, and a prominent abdomen. The ideal model is a one-color costume (with a fold at the waist, with baskets and a smaller neckline). If a person is overweight and likes bikini models, the best choice is a model from the 50s and 60s of the last century. This means a deeper lower part that goes over the abdomen.
Short legs — visually the legs are lengthened by choosing models that are deeply cut at the hips so the legs look longer in such models. Models that tie the bottom with thin straps are also a great choice for people with short legs.
The recommendation of fashion experts is that every swimsuit should be made of a material that dries quickly, dries easily and is not transparent after coming out of the water. It is always good to have a spare model. You need to be comfortable and baby with the correct buttons that close quickly. The person should stand as “poured out”. A bathing model is an item that should have an aesthetic and practical purpose whether you are staying at the sea, ocean, pool, lake, sauna or river. It is also a subject for everyday and long-term / perennial use. Before buying, try several models, imagine your ideal model and seek advice and consultation with an expert on the quality and durability of the swimsuit.

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