“Shinrin Yoku” (or bathing in the woods) is a Japanese form of therapy

Trees close to Koćuša waterfalls (Herzegovina region)

“Shinrin Yoku” or bathing in the forest is a form of therapy in Japan. It means consciously and deeply indulging and immersing oneself in the ambiance and atmosphere of the forest. Trees have the ability to completely relax people. Surrounded by trees, after a few minutes, people begin to relax – say scientific research. German professor Dr. Maximilian Moser published the book “Completely healthy with the power of the forest”. Professor Moser claims that “terpenes” play a big role. Terpenes are transmitters in the essential oils of trees. Through these transmitters, the trees communicate with each other. This fragrant mixture is absorbed by people through the skin during a walk through the forest. The heart slows down consequently, calming the autonomic nervous system and immunity, which at the same time strengthen. The stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure are lowered. In the forest, people are not overly exposed to stimuli that adversely affect people. People thus become more self-aware and more capable of self-reflection. The spirit is relaxed by gentle observations in the form of beautiful tree shapes and earthy scents. The greenery of spruce, oak, ferns and moss maintains the mood. The silence of the forest is disturbed by the cracking of branches underfoot or the falling of needles from trees. It is a boon for the sense of hearing. This is how balance is trained when we walk on mostly uneven ground at the same time. The forest regenerates people by acting like sleep. A sense of oneness with nature helps people to accept the flow of life and learn to let go of people, events and situations. All this combined together helps the human body and soul to find their peace during each stay in the forest.

Herzegovina region



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