The energy and strength of trees has a positive effect and strengthens all people

Trees around Kočuša waterfalls (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  1. Trees are pleasing to humans – human beings evolved from nature. People literally come from the forest. The information that the trees in the forest protect us has been preserved deep inside. People today are largely separated from nature. Each person feels in their own way that they do not like this separation. Trees are certainly a great link to nature.
  2. Trees with leaves and needles affect people differently — the medical effect has been particularly investigated in trees that have needles. Although trees with leaves also have a great and positive effect on people. The forest in its entirety gives people positive energy and has the effect of a kind of psychotherapy. Diversity in the forest is necessary for this effect to be complete.
  3. The power of trees helps people – people generally cope quite well with short-term loads. This happens when people have a balanced rhythm of stress and relaxation. It is important to let nature into people’s lives as much as possible.
  4. The more time people need to spend in the woods and among the trees — walk through the woods the more often it is ideal for any kind of relaxation. Even planting and growing plants on balconies and in gardens helps a lot. People can bring nature to their home, garden or balconies. For example, make the bedroom from natural materials: let the furniture be made of natural wood, let the floor be the so-called navy wooden floor and cover the walls with unprocessed wood.
  5. Trees always give us instructive lessons — spruce is a great choice. Spruce has a narrow canopy and straight roots. Spruce therefore gives other trees enough space to grow and spread. Taking care of others in the interest of wholeness is a real and basic principle of nature. Not changing others and different.
Hutovo Nature Park (Herzegovina region)

Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs  (by Michael A. Dirr)

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