Barley grass is one of the best means of rejuvenating the body

Barley grass powder has as much as 11 times more calcium than cow’s milk and 5 times more iron than spinach. In just 20 minutes, the body fully absorbs nutrients. The beneficial properties of barley grass are expressed due to the large amount of chlorophyll that this grass contains. It has a beneficial effect on the blood. It recovers blood. It slows down the aging process. The powder has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. This remedy strengthens and invigorates the body in cases of hypovitaminosis, obesity, diabetes and discoteriosis. It has a preventive effect and keeps the body stable in the case of cardiovascular diseases. It helps the digestion process, strengthens intestinal peristalsis and removes abstinence.
Cut the young green shoots of barley for 8-14 days when they sprout from the ground and reach approximately 10-20 centimeters in height. After collection, dry these stalks at a low temperature (in an oven or dryer) for an hour at the latest. Grind the dry grass twice to get a powder. Keep the obtained powder in dry and clean packaging.

Mix a tablespoon of dry powder with 200 ml of any freshly squeezed fruit juice. Or pour a tablespoon of powder with a glass of room temperature water and add a little juice. Drink half an hour before meals. The daily dose should be approximately two tablespoons of powder. Therapy lasts a month or two.
In addition to the influx of energy, some side effects may occur. Skin rash for example or mild headaches, bloating or diarrhea. These phenomena testify that the organism began to cleanse itself intensively. Then reduce the amount of powder.

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