The Inula plant is a popular immunomodulator and gives 9 powers

Inula or Oman is a popular immunomodulator. This flower has the power of 9 medicinal herbs or 9 powers – say ancient doctors. At the beginning of the 19th century, inulin (a plant analogue of insulin) was discovered in the root of this plant, which is necessary for diabetics. Today, Inula is a sufficiently studied plant. Official medicine has recognized this plant. It strengthens the metabolism, fights depression, strengthens muscle tone and eliminates fatigue. Pour 5 tablespoons of finely chopped herbs in a dark bowl with 40% alcohol solution. Leave for 2 weeks in a dark place. Shake daily. Take one tablespoon before dinner. Therapy lasts 14 days.
Medicines made from Inula root can help with malignant diseases of the stomach and intestines. If the body tolerates Inula and there are no contraindications due to hypotension, gastritis with reduced acidity, severe diseases of blood vessels, heart and kidneys, Inula will certainly help you. Fresh root is an effective remedy against coughs, harmful bacteria and viruses. The root should be cut into small pieces and sucked 2-3 pieces a day.
Drink with Inula, which is a source of strength after illness – 120 grams of plant roots pour half a liter of dry red wine. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Strain after the drink has cooled. Drink one tablespoon two or three times a day before meals. By applying this remedy, the body can recover after any serious illness that takes away strength. The drink is applicable for all age groups. Inula normalizes metabolism in the body and regulates the balance of acids and bases.
Pieces of dried Inula root perfectly clean the home and purify the air in the home. Place a few pieces of dried root on a warm stove wheel. You will feel a pungent but pleasant smell that spreads through the kitchen and the whole home.

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