Tourmaline is a stone that removes pain

Red, pink and yellow tourmaline have a beneficial effect in case of dysfunctions associated with decreased libido and impaired potency. It is believed that the ability to combine colors in one crystal symbolizes the possibility of living in harmony and peace. Tourmaline cleanses and transforms the energy of the human body. This stone normalizes the immune system and forms a protective shield around the body. The energy of this crystal enhances intuition and helps people find a way out of complicated situations.
The tourmaline crystal is named after the Sinhalese word “turmali” which means “stone that attracts ash”. This is due to the property of the stone to be electrically heated. This is one of the most interesting and original gems among crystals. It has a complex and variable chemical composition. That is why it has a diverse range of colors: pink, red, blue, yellow, green and black.
Yellow tourmaline-favorably affected mental abilities. It is useful for the digestive tract, spleen, pancreas, liver and gallbladder.
Green tourmaline-heals the heart, breast (lat. Thymus), spleen, nervous system, spine. It strengthens the condition in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome. This mineral develops compassion, patience. It gives a sense of purpose. It brings balance and joy into a person’s life. It transforms negative energy into positive energy. It relieves fears, rejuvenates the mind and inspires a person to creativity and creativity. With this stone, each person can see their condition and abilities and see all possible solutions. Such a person will be able to see the most constructive solution for himself and will experience a flourishing in life. This stone is useful for hyperactive children.
Tourmaline “watermelon” is an activator of the heart. It cures depression, reduces anxiety, removes old pains and provides a feeling of harmony and safety. The energy of this stone instills patience in a person and teaches a person tact and diplomacy by favoring love and friendship. Watermelon tourmaline contributes to the renewal of the nervous system in healing, even in the case of multiple sclerosis. Eliminates stress.
Red tourmaline-treats the digestive system, blood vessels, reproductive system in men, stimulates circulation and liver and spleen function. It is useful for muscle cramps and the treatment of colds. Energy vibrations of this mineral in a person who

wearing it (in some form) evokes mobility and sociability. Red tourmaline balances excessive aggression and excessive passivity. Increases creative potential, Contributes to perseverance and endurance. It cleanses the body and gives life force.
Pink tourmaline has an energetic effect, uniting love with spirituality. It helps that the person wearing it loves themselves more so that other people will love it as well. This stone dispels emotional pain and old destructive feelings. Contributes to peace and relaxation. It teaches people wisdom and compassion. In healing, it normalizes the endocrine system, heals the heart and skin.
Blue tourmaline activates the chakras of the throat and the so-called “third eye”. It develops the qualities of beautiful speech (eloquence), sociability, diplomacy, will, intuition and responsibility. In healing, blue tourmaline has a beneficial effect on the lung system, immune system, brain and eyes. It corrects the balance of fluid in the body, treats the kidneys and urinary bladder, breast and thyroid gland. It helps to overcome speech defects, and is useful against insomnia. This stone is traditionally used to treat purulent angina and other diseases of the throat, larynx, lungs and esophagus.
Black tourmaline (sherl) – protects against electro-magnetic smog and negative energy effects of all kinds. Combining with basic tourmaline, this black tourmaline establishes energy and physical vitality by removing stress from a person. It illuminates thoughts and promotes (strengthens) good relationships with people around. It also encourages the creative instinct and potential in people aimed at achieving practical goals. In healing, the sharpened part of the black tourmaline is pulled in the direction away from the body to remove the negative energy. This stone heals the spine and joints and removes sharp pain.

Polychrome tourmaline (elbait) – contains all colors which results in harmonization of mind and body. This is an exceptional stone that gives energy and inspiration. In healing, elbait stimulates the immune system and metabolic processes.

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