Fruit peels are useful processed even in small quantities

The results of the research say that an extremely strong poison, cyanide, was found in some fruit pits. Therefore, fruit stones should be consumed in moderation.
Apricot kernels – a source of vitamin B. After proper processing when the skin is removed from the kernels, apricot kernels are used in cooking. The danger is a nucleus that contains cyanide-poison that causes respiratory arrest and paralysis of the heart muscle. The point is in the dosage. Research says that 10-15 eaten fresh pits cause symptoms of poisoning (numbness of the fingers). Already 30 or more pieces create serious problems including respiratory arrest. It is recommended to fry the kernels in a dry pan for a few minutes so that the poison is completely destroyed and for human safety. Then apricot kernels are safe. A few pieces a day is quite enough.
Avocado kernels have recently become popular. It is believed that they contain an important substance for strengthening immunity. But it is better not to eat avocado seeds because they contain cyanide.
Cherry pits – Hydrocyanic acid is present in the pits, which causes severe poisoning. The concentration of the acid is crucial. In sweet cherry juice with whole fruit, this acid is not present to the extent that it causes serious problems. Don’t eat cherry pits.
Apple kernels contain iodine, fatty oils and useful biologically active substances in smaller kernels. They can be dangerous due to the presence of amygdalin if eaten in huge quantities. Five to six pieces a day will not harm your health.

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