Avoid using a cell phone and the Internet after 9 p.m

People should avoid using a mobile phone and the Internet after 9 pm – say researchers who deal with the phenomenon of sleep. Everyday complex and difficult situations adversely affect a person’s nervous state. They disturb people’s peace of mind and balance. Peaceful and quality sleep is one of the highest quality physiological processes for the human body. The function of the nervous system during sleep remains active. Complex physiological and biochemical cellular processes take place in the brain and throughout the body. Based on a large number of epidemiological studies, sleep deprivation has been reported in one third of the adult population.
In the age of the technological revolution, people spend too much time watching TV, using social networks and the Internet. The contents of certain TV shows that people watch every day can be disturbing and have an adverse effect on the human psyche. Nervousness, tension, anxiety and irritability are caused by worries about the family, the economic situation and health problems. Then insomnia occurs, ie a lack of quality and relaxing sleep. Nervousness is an accompanying natural reaction in cases of difficult and unsolvable life situations. Nervousness occurs when there is a disorder in the work of the nervous system. Nervousness produces numerous symptoms that are manifested in the body. Breathing problems, increased heart rate, palpitations, arrhythmia, high blood pressure. Nervousness can also worsen musculoskeletal problems causing back pain.
When people think about sleep and quality sleep, they usually count that period from the moment they go to bed to the moment they wake up or the alarm clock rings. Intermittent and restless sleep is associated with difficult relaxation. This has long-term effects on people and impairs health. Only after a peaceful night’s sleep is waking up rested and in a good mood. The American Heart Association says that insufficient amount of sleep and poor quality of sleep negatively affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Herbs for relaxation during the day and for peaceful sleep have been used since ancient times. It is used in folk medicine. The effect of these plants has been scientifically proven. Lemongrass, valerian, St. John’s wort, lavender, thyme, hops, passionflower naturally relieve insomnia, irritability and nervousness. They affect the calming and relaxation of the body in states of stress and tension. After prolonged use, these plants do not create human addiction.


    • Dear Lookoom,
      Thank you very much for your friendly comment/advise . Yes, you are absolutely right. This is mostly concerning some people suffer from often insomnia or common “dream lack”. Blogging is living or working or hobby at some point. Article explains that sometimes herbs can help a lot with these issues. Wishing you all the best.


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