The non-alcoholic sweet drink is used cold and warm throughout the year

A non-alcoholic sweet drink with whole fruit or pieces of fruit (compote) can be served cold and hot depending on tradition and season. This drink is the tastiest and healthiest variant of canned fruit. The taste should be balanced with the correct ratio of sugar and fruit contained in the drink. A stronger syrup is used for canning sour fruits than for sweeter fruits. For example, a syrup of 60-65% strength (600 grams-650 grams of sugar in 1 liter of water) is used for cherries and plums. For pears, cherries and grapes, 30-35% sugar syrup is enough. It is not necessary to pour sugar syrup over the fruit. These drinks do not have a long shelf life if they are kept in a jar because they are pasteurized (to destroy bacteria). That is why any fruit and berry can be canned without sugar. Such fruit is simply poured over water or canned fruit juice. This is an important note for people who need to reduce their sugar intake. (diabetics, seniors who use low-calorie foods, and others).
Non-alcoholic drink with plums – for a jar of one liter put 550 grams of whole plums and 450 ml of 30% sugar syrup (or 650 grams of half plums and 350 ml of 45% sugar syrup). Wash plums with cold water. Pierce the whole fruit. Blanch the plum halves in boiling water for 30-40 seconds. Then dip them in cold water. Arrange the plums in jars and pour over the sugar syrup. Close the jar with a lid. Pasteurize at 85 ° for 20 minutes.
Non-alcoholic drink with grapes – carefully wash the grapes. Put in a jar. Pour the cooked sugar syrup to the top (put 250 grams of sugar in one liter of water). After 5-6 minutes, put the syrup back in the bowl to boil on the stove. So pour the fruit another time. Close the jars immediately.
Non-alcoholic drink with peaches – put 550 grams of peaches and 350 ml of 30-35% sugar syrup in a one-liter jar. Choose harder fruits. Wash the fruit in cold water. Blanch the fruit for a few minutes in boiling water. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Put the fruits in jars. Pour over hot syrup. Close with a lid. Pasteurize for 20 minutes at 85 ° C.
Non-alcoholic drink with cherries – you need a kilo of cherries, a liter of water and 400 grams of sugar. Wash ripe fruits carefully. Arrange the cherries in layers. Pour over the syrup. Pasteurize the jars. Pasteurize a one-liter jar for 10-12 minutes. Pasteurize a three-liter jar for 15 minutes.
Non-alcoholic drink with quinces – choose ripe quinces. Wash carefully. Cut the quince into pieces and remove the seeds. Prepare a syrup with one liter of water and 250 grams of sugar. Arrange the quinces in jars. Pour over hot syrup. Pasteurize at a temperature of 90 ° C. Pasteurize a half-liter jar for 15 minutes. Pasteurize a two-liter jar for 25 minutes.

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