5 unpleasant health problems caused by constant use of mobile devices


Constant use of mobile phones or the habit of holding mobile phones incessantly (except when we are sleeping) can cause a lot of inconvenience and endanger the health of an individual. In addition to the downsides, however, there are tips on how to resist these common problems.

  1. Tired eyes-vision tired of changing screen images or small print. Try not to use mobile devices in transportation. His eyes strain from the crack. This leads to dry eyes. Zoom in on the letters on the screen. Try to keep the phone away from your head / eyes. While in a dark room, try to avoid looking at the bright screen of your mobile phone.
  2. Occurrence of pain in the neck and spine – occurs in people who hold the phone by the shoulder. Prevent this syndrome by fixing the gadget in front of your eyes. Instead, use a headset or speakerphone to talk to your mobile device.
  3. Sleep disorders and headaches – almost all modern gadgets produce electromagnetic radiation. Waves pass through the human body. They disrupt the normal functioning of cells and biological processes. Electromagnetic waves can cause headaches, insomnia and even a disorder of the immune system. Doctors advise that you do not leave your mobile phones overnight in the bedroom or near your head.
  4. The appearance of rashes and pimples on the face – microbiologists agree that mobile devices are nurseries of bacteria and microbes. It turned out that the toilet bowl was cleaner than the cell phone case. Disease-causing organisms also cause a variety of physical discomforts. This includes the appearance of rashes and pimples on the face. It is important to regularly clean your cell phone and cell phone case. Regular disinfection of gadgets is important.
  5. Syndrome called “smartphone finger” – known as cubital tunnel syndrome. It is an inflammatory process of the finger that you have kept on your phone or some gadgets for a long time. Tendons, muscles, wrists and elbows can be prone to pain and discomfort.


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