How to quickly get rid of shortness of breath?

When climbing stairs, during a fast run or unusual physical effort, sometimes there is an interruption of breathing and a feeling of lack of air (shortness of breath). This feeling can occur due to excitement or some sudden shock. Sometimes shortness of breath is accompanied by dizziness, heaviness in the chest, blue lips, pallor, a feeling of fear and high fever. Then it is important to seek medical help from a specialist. Before the arrival of the ambulance and other medical experts (home care, community nurse, etc.), each person can do exercises to alleviate the condition.

  1. When a person feels short of breath one should take a deep breath and hold the breath for 5-6 seconds. Then you need to exhale. This exercise should be repeated several times. Therefore, it is desirable for the person to cough. This exercise helps with feelings of anxiety.
  2. When respiratory arrest or shortness of breath occurs, it is not advisable to lie on your back. Instead, lie on your stomach, relax your neck and lower your head to the edge of the bed. If shortness of breath has occurred on the street and other outdoor areas, you should sit down, put your head on your chest, hug your knees and round your spine. If you do not have a seating area, you should lean against a wall or a nearby tree, holding on with your hands, and lower your head so that the neck muscles relax as much as possible.

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