3 natural ways to quickly cleanse the body of fats and triglycerides

The body needs small amounts of cholesterol, triglycerides and other fats (so-called lipid status) to function properly. Therefore, it is good to periodically cleanse the body so that excess accumulated fat does not cause any disease.

  1. Juniper strengthens the status of blood in the body. From young branches of juniper can be prepared a potion to strengthen the blood. Pour 10 grams of chopped herbs with a glass of cold water. Leave the drink for 5-6 hours. Strain. Take one tablespoon three times daily before meals. The most effective way to strengthen the blood is to consume / chew fresh juniper beans. On the first day, chew 4 juniper beans, on the second day, chew 5 juniper beans and so on. On the twentieth day, you will chew 15 beans. Then reduce the amount of chewing beans daily until you reach 5. Repeat the therapy after a 10-day break. This method cleans the mouth and throat well, treats stomach ulcers and strengthens the blood, ie improves the blood picture.
  2. Linden flower powder is healing. Grind linden flowers in a blender or coffee grinder. Take one tablespoon of powder three times a day. The therapy lasts a month. This preparation helps to lower blood cholesterol, cleanses the body and helps to lose excess body weight (up to 4 kilograms during one therapy). This preparation also improves the overall appearance.
  3. Tincture with propolis cleanses the blood – three times a day 30 minutes before a meal, take 7 drops of 4% alcoholic tincture of propolis diluted in 30 ml of water. The therapy lasts 4 months. After one therapy, you should take breaks for a month.

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