The black mineral “Shungite” has multiple benefits for humans

The black mineral “Shungite” is a so-called natural body cleanser (sorbent) and an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. The healing properties of this mineral are explained by the origin of the stone. This mineral originated in the depths of seawater where it has been soaked for centuries in water-soluble substances. Thanks to this, an unusual mineral (Shungite) with a unique chemical composition and properties appeared. There is a story or legend that Shungite has an alien origin.
Today, ragweed allergy is a daily occurrence that affects a large number of people. Various drops, sprays and tablets bring temporary relief. Many histamines also cause drowsiness so it does not suit a large number of people. You can prepare water with Shungite, which helps keep the eyes from tearing and the nose from leaking. Before using the Shungite for the first time, wash it under a few jets of water. Share with water (10 liters of water for a stone weighing 500 grams). Leave for 3 days. Drink 3 glasses of water with this mineral daily. You can cook food in this water. Therapy lasts 3 months. Take a break for a month. Repeat therapy if necessary.
Allergy is perhaps one of the most common diseases affecting children and adults today. Shungite can really be used to treat allergies because it is a fantastic sorbent and antioxidant, say doctors from the Department of Botany at the Belarusian State University in Minsk. Use Shungite water but if you have a natural mineral (by no means a copy of this mineral) – doctors warn. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory. When you run out of water you can always add it to always be the same amount that covers the Shungite. It is desirable for the water to stand for 8 hours. Water should not be kept in the refrigerator. Wash the Shungite from accumulated deposits once every seven days. Shungite water can be added to the bath. 5 liters of shungite water should be put on 50 liters of ordinary water. Flowers can be watered with this water. Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, tumor, period of worsening of chronic diseases with inflammatory processes.

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