WikiUral 2020 Competition

WikiUral 2020 Competition is a global Wiki contest dedicated to Uralsubcompetition of the Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 contest. The purpose of the contest is creation and improvement of articles that correspond to Wikipedia notability guidelines. We invite you to enrich Wikipedia with quality works about the Earth’s nature phenomenon—Ural mountains, history of its discovery, exploration, economy and culture of the Ural region and other aspects of Uralic life.

The contest is dedicated to the memory of Lev Vladimirovich Ban’kovsky, scientist and encyclopedist who lived in Ural region and worked for long time at Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. During preparations for the contest many of the materials (classifiers, glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedias) were used which also were used by Bankovsky when he was working on Ural Encyclopaedia, Upper Kama Encyclopaedia and other works.

  • Time: November 1st, UTC 00:00 to November 30, UTC 23:59, 2020.
  • Tools: The Fountain tool.
  • Rules: Rules for the contest part are published here. And WikiUral Competition have special rules and nominations.

Ural (russian: Урал) — geographical region located in Russia and Kazakhstan, also Ural economic region and administrative division of Ural Federal District.

  • Contacts. Participants are encouraged to provide their e-mail addresses to the organizers. All of the participants are urged to register their e-mails in the Wikimedia project user settings.
  • Contact: Nikolai.Litvinov(_AT_)Wikimedia.RU (User:Niklitov)

Prizes for English Wikipedia[edit]

For the maximum number and size of new and revised articles (please find Glossary):

For the 2nd place: the prize looks like a Urals Mountain gift. More description: Urals Mountain gifts

For the 3rd place: the prize looks like a Money stone gift. More description: Money Stone gifts

For participants will receive Perm Regional Museum postcards when they create 4 articles that fulfill the rules (please find Glossary). Attention: every new 4 articles = one postcard!

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