A light and useful exercise “walking on your knees” should be done every day


The so-called “walking on your knees” is desirable to do every day. If a person is not in the mood or has pain, the exercise can be “skipped” for a day or two. Exercise on the floor. Place a soft blanket or mat under your knees. Knee pads can be used. Chinese medicine recognizes this exercise as a cure for all kinds of diseases. Taoist kneeling is an ancient practice. Includes 10 exercises. Exercise helps to normalize metabolism, strengthen immunity and improve overall human health. One of the most important points of longevity (“tsu-san-li”) is just below the knee – according to the teachings of Taoism. That is the point for people’s longevity. Stimulating this point activates the life energy “chi” and helps against various diseases. This point is massaged by walking on the knees.
Benefits of walking on your knees:

  1. Blood circulation is activated and excess fluid is removed from the body.
  2. The functioning of internal organs and the condition of the musculoskeletal system (joints and spine) improves.
  3. Metabolism is accelerated. It removes cellulite from the legs and helps in losing weight.
  4. Stimulates brain function. Improves vision (when you walk with your eyes closed), condition of hair, nails and teeth (due to normalization of kidney function).
  5. Start the exercise by walking in one place. When this fails then for a start you just transfer the weight of the torso from one leg to the other leg.
  6. Gradually extend the exercise until you reach 10 minutes of exercise. Kneel with your lower body in a vertical line with the floor. Keep your back straight.
  7. Without sudden movements, slowly start moving on your knees: forward, backward and diagonally.
  8. Do not try to take big steps and do not lean on other objects with your hands.
  9. Walk on the carpet every day. Gradually extend the exercise time. Increase the number of steps to 50 in each direction (forward, backward, and diagonal).
  10. Then move to a harder surface. This will increase the effect on health. Taoist walking is suitable even for people for whom running is contraindicated (varicose veins, for example). It is best to consult a doctor before starting training.

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