Cellulite and stretch marks are aesthetic skin problems


It is rare for women to have no blemishes on their body. However, stretch marks and cellulite are some of the most common problems. Stretch marks and cellulite often occur together and affect a woman’s perception of beauty. Stretch marks are a superficial skin problem. Cellulite is under the skin. These aesthetic problems are not noticeable in winter due to the deposits of clothing on the body. The problem arises during the summer when we wear smaller clothes.
Cellulite (orange peel) – can have both men and women. They can have obese and thin people. Cellulite is a more common problem in women. Cellulite is a problem of irregularly distributed subcutaneous fat deposits. Cellulite has the shape of a lump so it is called orange peel because the skin looks like orange peel. It occurs most often on the thighs, abdomen, muscles and back of the body. The appearance and amount of cellulite depends on genetics, a person’s age, skin elasticity, hormone levels and fat content in the body. Life habits need to be changed to get rid of cellulite. With age, it is harder to get rid of cellulite. It is easier for young people because they need to change their diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Middle-aged women need to have enough perseverance and strong discipline. There is no miracle cure for this problem. The most effective is exercise (running, swimming, aerobics, cycling). Fat deposits melt, muscles lengthen, and the body tightens. The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables (with a lot of dietary fiber, with as little salt and sugar as possible). Choose cucumber, oranges, apples and grapefruit. You should drink 2 liters of water a day and necessarily green tea. The intake of coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks should be reduced. For cosmetic treatment of skin full of cellulite, choose creams and gels with ginkgo, ivy, chestnut and on the basis of coefficient. A hand massage that stimulates circulation is effective. There are expensive treatments in beauty salons. However, the effect will be absent without a change in lifestyle.


Stretch marks or skin with furrows are parallel, long and thin lines. They occur due to the sudden stretching of the skin and the reduction of skin elasticity. Stretch marks depend on the type of skin. They usually occur with sudden weight gain or loss. They most commonly occur in pregnancy even though stretch marks have teenagers who grow up abruptly. They may be the result of an increase in cortisol (an adrenal hormone). Stretch marks are most noticeable on the abdomen, chest, upper arms, thighs and back of the body. Stretch marks usually fade and are less noticeable over time. Stretch marks cannot be completely removed. Over time, they will fade and become almost imperceptible. It is necessary to change the diet, exercise more, do sports, drink more fluids. Cosmetics or folk medicine can be used. Vitamin E has healing properties. Restores skin cells. Vitamin E gives a natural and healthy look. It is obligatory in the fight against stretch marks. Vitamin E is found in whole grains and vegetable oils. Increase your intake of vitamins D and C (beneficial for the skin). Enrich your menu with protein and amino acids. Moisturizing creams and lotions with vitamins A and E help to regenerate skin cells. They hydrate scars and reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Collagen creams are effective. Do not apply the creams in the usual way, but massage the creams into the skin. This improves blood circulation in problem areas. This allows the skin to more easily absorb the beneficial ingredients and utilize them. For the treatment of stretch marks, folk medicine recommends castor and olive oil, aloe vera and potato juice. The results will not be visible overnight so patience is required.

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