10 interesting and fun facts about Sarajevo (and Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  1. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The name of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo, is derived from the Turkish language „saray ovası“ (meaning the field around saray).
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina is sometimes called “the Heart Shaped Land” because of its unusual shape, which slightly resembles a heart.
  3. Sarajevo (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) was the first city in Europe with a full-time electric tram.
  4. The national symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Golden Lily.
  5. Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the first communist city to host a winter games.
  6. The currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Marka so called „Bosnian Mark“ (BAM or Konvertible Mark).
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo, was founded by the Ottoman Empire in the 1450s upon its conquest of the region.
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina has three official languages: Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. Those languages are mutually intelligible.
  9. The Latin Bridge is an Ottoman bridge over the river Miljacka (in Sarajevo ,Bosnia and Herzegovina. The northern end of the bridge was the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip in 1914, which became the casus belli of WW1-World War One.
  10. If you haven’t yet booked your trip to Sarajevo, be sure to add some extra time to your plans because here you’ll find 30 things to do in Sarajevo. There is so much to see and do in this incredible city that you’ll need as much time as possible:
Bosnia National Symbol Golden Lily
  1. Visit Bascarsija Square
  2. Indulge in some bosnian traditional meat meal “Ćevapi”
  3. Have a few local beers
  4. Enjoy a drink (or a few) at the world famous “Zlatna Ribica” Coffee Bar.
  5. Learn to Drink Bosnian Coffee
  6. Go see the Olympic bobsled
  7. Visit the place where WWI began
  8. Taste some rakija brandy (schnapps)
  9. Take a stroll through Vrelo Bosne (Bosna river spring)
  10. Get some thrills at Sunnyland Sarajevo
  11. Visit the Sebilj at Baščaršija Square in The Old Town
  12. Shop for unique perfumes at Kalem I Misk
  13. Visit Sarajevo’s Town Hall
  14. View the sunset from the Yellow Fortress
  15. Walk through a section of the Tunnel of Hope
  16. Walk down “Sniper Alley”
  17. Get your groove on at Pink Houdini
  18. Sample some wine at Dekanter
  19. See at show at the National Theatre
  20. Go to Svrzo’s House
  21. Take in a film at the Sarajevo Film Festival
  22. Grab a beer at the Avaz Tower
  23. Visit the Sarajevo Brewery
  24. Take a stroll along the Miljacka River promenade
  25. Ride the Mount Trevebic cable car
  26. Visit the Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque
  27. Relax at a hookah bar
  28. Visit the Isfahan Gallery
  29. Visit the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  30. Take a walk to see Skakavac Waterfall

Here’s our list of 30 things to do in Sarajevo to get you inspired and excited.


Source: http://www.tourcroatia.co.uk

Photos: http://www.tourcroatia.co.uk


  1. Dear Lookoom,

    Yes it is. Very specific and unusual town rich with the history and unusual things to see/do all the time. Thank you very much for your nice and great comment. Wishing you always all the best.



  2. This is interesting information about Sarajevo. I hope that the health crisis will improve in June, and that the restaurants will be open because I want to visit Sarajevo and Bosnia during this month.
    Maybe we’ll meet?

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    • Dear Benoit73,

      Yes, We all hope that health situation will be much better so anyone can come much easy and please feel welcome in Sarajevo and the whole country, there is a lot of unusual and very interesting places/spots to see/visit and we could meet while you’re here. Wish you all the best.


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