Detailed description of 8 different textures for protection against solar radiation

Jam, oil, yogurt, lotion or any new product on offer in today’s cosmetic market in the world offers a variety of products with and without SPF factors whose ingredients are adapted to different skin types.

  1. Sprays-in spray can be any preparation (water mist, lotion, etc.). It is easily applied to the skin from any position and reaches even the most inaccessible parts of the body. Sprays are waterproof. They absorb quickly. They do not leave a white mark on the skin. They provide a refreshing cooling effect. They are an ideal choice for sensitive acne-prone skin because they are not greasy and do not contain known allergens. For very dry skin, spray preparations can be too light.
  2. Fluids- this is a liquid moisturizer that is significantly rarer than body milk. Allows uniform and fast application without traces. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin. It is especially suitable for combination and oily skin because it does not additionally grease the skin. May contain skin mattifying particles. For people with dry skin, this care will not be enough unless the goal is intensive hydration.
  3. Lotions-preparations based on oil or water. They are lightly smeared on the skin. They are quickly absorbed and do not leave sticky marks on the hands. They can cause uncomfortable tightening on dry skin.
  4. The oil has an extremely oily texture. The rate of absorption depends on the type of ingredients in the oils. Macadamia and apricot oil, for example, are absorbed faster. Oils are among the most nutritious care. Recommended for dry skin. These are waterproof preparations. Newer versions of oils with high UV filters compete with other sunscreens. They are suitable for lighter skin types. Due to the slower absorption into the skin, they can leave marks on clothes and towels.
  5. Yogurt has a creamy texture. It is easily spreadable. It leaves no trace after absorption. Yogurt is a great choice for after-sun care. It has a beneficial effect on sun-irritated skin. Yogurt pleasantly cools, soothes, restores lost moisture. Provides a long lasting feeling of comfort. It is necessary to wait a few minutes for the skin to fully absorb the product.
  6. Gels – have a compact and elastic mass that spreads easily on the skin when applied. In doing so, it creates an adhesive film on the surface of the skin until it is absorbed. Pleasantly cools and soothes irritated skin after sunbathing. It restores lost moisture so it is a good choice for dry and damaged skin. It is not suitable when a person should get dressed immediately after sunbathing.
  7. Creams are semi-solid, smooth, creamy emulsions of oil and water. It nourishes the epidermis and keeps it hydrated. This is an ideal form of dry skin care that makes it smooth, soft and nourished. It leaves white marks and greasy stains on clothes if not smeared well. It can close pores for oily skin type.
  8. Jam-thick, greasy and extremely consistent jams are easily spread on the skin despite the density of the preparation. The applied layer is quickly absorbed. The skin still has a glow for a while as if it has been oiled. They contribute to faster tanning. At the same time, they nourish the skin with natural oil (carrot and walnut oil). They contain a low protection factor. Not suitable for people prone to allergies and allergic reactions to the sun.

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